QUICK ANSWERS Private Session


Want direction, guidance, to know what’s your best next step? A Mini Reading with Akasha will give you clarity and direction.  (20 min)
You can ask a specific question or what is the best possible advice at this time. You can ask about your body and health or a fear or mindset you can’t break free from. You can ask about a relationship, a project, job, your car or your purpose. You can share a block or disconnect you have or what is keeping you from receiving messages form your higher self or angels, or why your money flow is clogged.

So many people in my community want to get answers, but don’t want to do a full Soul Reading (45 minutes of deep healing and lots of information).
This session is live, private on zoom and recorded for you on audio so you can re-listen to hear everything that came through .

It is 20 minutes long, so please come prepared with your question or send it in beforehand. Once we get on the call I will have already cleared and set sacred space attuned to your highest good and connected to you. I will begin right away to tell you what I see and we will spend 10 minutes in receiving mode and 5 minutes for clarification questions and next steps.

I’m overflowing with gratitude and relief after our call. Thank you so much for demystifying a couple of things for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -ND, Canada

Remember this is a Mini Reading which means it is short but directly from and for you and for your highest good at this time. You will enter sacred space which is safe, so you can relax and trust.

*If  you want to extend your session while we are doing it, you can do so for an additional $208

Go here for a full 60 minute Soul Reading . This includes deeper information, energy healing, messages from guides, your body, higher self, Akashic Records, angels, other lives and more. They are surprisingly detailed and involve many topics. You can ask many questions and you receive the recording to repeat the healing or get the messages again.

Once you sign up you will receive a PDF with instructions, or you can email [email protected] to set your appointment time.

You may buy more than one reading and use it later or buy one for someone you love!


This is a 20 minute session, for clients who want a quick answer, guidance or LightBody adjustment. If you want a Full Private Soul Reading go >here<

GET QUICK ANSWERS in this intuitive session including, LightBody healing, Multidimensional Body Scan, discover what is the meaning from the challenge/message/goal . A Snapshot of this moment and answers to a key issue come through.

Everything takes place I the Infinity Healing Chamber, aligned with your Highest Good and what is OPTIMAL at this time. You will get the answers that align to your Soul’s path and powers, so y9ou can trust it is leading you in the direction your Highest self and Akashic Records instruct.

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