Intuition Awakening One Training Course + Certification Training COMBO

From: $225.00 / month for 6 months


$1332 (Reg Combo price) – SPECIAL FALL $925 2022 Combo Price Saves You $407 – 282!
Pay Now One-Time payment & Save 10% – $925 total for both. Save $407 total!
3-Month Payment Plan $343/mo. Save $303!
6-Month Payment Plan $175/mo. Save $282!

THIS IS A COMBO PACKAGE. It includes the Intuition Awakening Courses (See the section below with all the details) PLUS the LIVE CERTIFICATION CLASS Starting Oct 8. You do not have to have completed the Intuition Awakening, you need to own it though. This COMBO lets you own both and join us LIVE for Oct-Nov 2022!

Intuition Awakening Students who own IA CLICK HERE  for your Special Price & Payment Plans


FIRST CLASS October 8 Saturday 10-12 noon Central
October 13 Thursday 12 Noon -2 Central
October 15 Saturday 10am central -12 noon Intuition & Body Scan Reading Process & Live Practice Session
October 17 Monday 6-8pm central Intuition & Body Scan  Readings Live Practice Session (Optional, for anyone who needs or wants practice)
-10 Day Break to practice and catch up.

October 27 Thursday 10am Central Final Intuition & Body Scan Reading Process & Live Practice Session
November 3 Thursday 12 noon -2 Central Akashic Records Training Begins
November  5  Saturday 10-12 CT Akashic Records Training & Practice
November 10 Thursday 10-2 CT Akashic Records Training
Nov. 12, Saturday 10-12 CT Akashic Records Training & Practice
November  17 Thursday Doing an Akashic Records Session or Combined Intuitive Body Scan session
December 3, Saturday @ 10am central is the FINAL INITIATION & Certification Practice

  • Thursday Session Format: 1 – Training video (approx 30 minutes) + Activation video (approx 30 min) + Practice (60 minutes) + Sharing & Reading interpretation (30 minutes) = 2.5 hours. 12 noon – 2pm central
  • Saturday classes 3 Hours 10 am -12 noon central
  • Intuition Accelerator Practice Sessions included 

You will be fully certified and able to perform and charge for a session within 8- 10 weeks (with completion of your practice sessions which you can do anytime). To complete your certification you need to perform 4 live sessions with Akasha present. We will provide the subjects so you can complete and get into the flow fast.


Certification Intuitive Readings+Akashic Records Course Details:

SPECIAL BONUSE: #1: Intuitive Development Class – “Akashic Records & the 8th Dimension” & Akashic Records Reading Training: 8th Dimension Akashic Temple System Training & Initiation included! Read the Eternal “Book of Life” using this Multidimensional Temple. Monday November 14 & 21 at 6pm central for 2 hours each class. and recorded
Even if you have had Akashic records training before, you have never experienced this laser sharp ancient mystics method!
Learn the secrets of the 8th dimension and the Akashic records that few know and upgrade your intuitive skills and your value!

NEW! EMBODY your TRUE POWERS! Train your Intuitive powers to do exceptional Intuitive Readings & Body Scans & Akashic Records Readings and become Certified. Starts Oct. 8, 2022.

WHAT IS THIS? Intuitive & Psychic Skill Development for Personal & Professional empowerment (a key skill for living your life and purpose). “Develop your Super Power”!

For anyone who wants to deepen, amplify and accelerate your psychic powers, multidimensional gifts and your ability to connect to and work with your intuitive network cross time, space and realms.

“Hi! Akasha here and I am thrilled to invite you a new level of essential Mystery Teaching in my path to your  ‘Infinite Self’. Your life of purpose, power and passion is waiting inside you and the key is to Awaken & Develop your Intuitive, subtle and psychic powers! Let’s leap together now!

Intuition is natural and extremely powerful, yet it has been buried, feared and ignored. Now is the time your intuitive network is waking up and you are being called to become an aware and  fully communicative intuitive being. Your most important life skill to develop your intuition, senses, and open the doors of perception. You are ready, that is why you are here!

This certification (you do not need to use this skill professionally – it will impact your life in all areas) will give you a step by step process to do Intuitive Readings & Body Scans & Akashic Records sessions.

This will awaken your dormant abilities to be a WITNESS and RECEIVE relevant information, guidance, and messages,  intuitive senses, subtle energy communication pathways and strengthen your intuitive gifts and you can use your psychic powers for daily decisions.

This is a tested and proven #1 foundational skill and step by step process to doing authentic intuitive readings and healings.

By Dec 3, 2022 you will know how to perform accurate Intuitive readings, Body Scans and the Akashic Temple Scan (the intro level of Akashic Records readings).

JOIN NOW – Limited Group Size! See the Payment Options below.

The principles and processes, the activations and cleanses and the mastery of your emotions you learn in this system will completely transform you and accelerate and amplify your intuitive powers and psychic gifts. If you do any other energy medicine, spiritual or healing work, this will greatly enhance your current results.

In order to truly heal/return to wholeness anyone or anything, including yourself, you must be a clear and open channel for what is OPTIMAL for the HIGHEST GOOD.

That means you must have a step by step process to activate, cleanse and align your LightBody and Intuitive network
Pre-Requisite: Intuition Awakening 1 Course (purchase before or alongside this for a special price)


You can go at your own pace, and when you are ready, you will begin to do your practice sessions. *If you are doing a live course systole, your practice sessions will mostly be in the class time.* You can start anytime and go step by step learning the processes, cleansing and attuning yourself, and then beginning to watch and practice doing Body Scans, Intuitive readings and the intro level of Akashic Records reading – the Akashic Temple Scan.

You will learn the “7 Sacred Principles of Conscious Intuitive Readings & Healing”.  This gives you advanced principles for mastery and you will receive Embodiment 

The Classes take you from where you are now to an experienced Conscious Intuitive Reader ready to help yourself or others.

First you have to prepare You – cleanse clear and align and prepare to be a clear channel to receive what is optimal. This will gift you with self realization/clearing/activation/reconnecting to your higher powers and many senses.

Then as a clear and open Receiver you create sacred space, connect to your subject/you, scan, witness, receive, all while staying pure and not trying to analyze or inject your opinion. You will become so good and being clear that your abilities will leap forward!

Skills you learn here:
– Witnessing as a clear and open channel
– Staying strong and pure with no judgements, analysis or projections
– Ability to trust yourself to communicate with the Field
– How to share/remember what you see without blocking it
– How to unfold and interpret the multidimensional experience and communication for the highest good of the subject/you
How to witness or inspire a healing or shift and receive next steps
– How to anchor the healing, guidance, communication, 
revelation for the subject/you

Benefits for you include more connection, awareness, trust, love and support by being connected to the higher realms and parts of you. Discovering and cleansing your blocks to your intuitive powers, current, ancient or future.

Connecting to your multidimensional nature and 360 senses and being a clear and open channel to what is optimal for your highest good becomes the norm for you.

Infinite Self Intuitive Readings & Body Scans are SIMPLE. POWERFUL. ACCURATE. EMPOWERING. HEALING… for you AND your subject.

You have an easy guided process to take you through the steps to prepare yourself and your sacred healing space, activate your senses and cleanse and log into your intuitive network.

Your intuitive skills will progress fast with these easy to learn processes and essential practice sessions.

My Intuition Awakening students know and love how powerful it is to give a reading in a safe, sacred space, and receive feedback in real time that affirms how accurate and healing your reading is.

I want you to do this for yourself and gain the connection and confidence that comes with discovering YOU ARE NATURALLY INTUITIVE.

You are tired of WAITING and you want to connect clearly and consistently with your Intuitive Network. You want your guidance to come from higher realms that are optimal for the highest good. You will be able to ‘see’ clearly and WITNESS what is optimal for you to see and know. As you witness and receive, you will see the shifts and healing begin.

This teaches you a system of LightBody Activation, sacred space setting, clear and protective connections, and how to receive the most powerful information that changes lives, heals hearts and calms minds. You will be bringing yourself and others you do this for a great gift that will awaken, heal and empower.

In this you will learn how to conduct a session, on yourself or another subject. You will immediately begin to grow, expand and evolve, and your intuitive senses and psychic powers are going to within and be able to be still, receptive, clear and Higher self, body elemental/I AM Presence and Gaia)communicate with guides, your body and nature. and you can start to consciously co-create your life.

Do you want an easy to follow step by step guided process to do an Intuitive Reading Session. From start to finish in 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions. the Body Scan Reading?

This system for intuitive readings is the foundation of all other energy, intuitive and light work. It will enhance any process or modality you practice and it will accelerate your personal awakening and psychic powers.

You can do these scans on anyone, anywhere: people, animals, trees, places, buildings, countries…
You can do these from anywhere – you do NOT have to be in person with your subject, or even in immediate contact to do this scan.
These scans penetrate into any time, place or life (other parts of the soul or “past” lives). You can receive in depth information or find a connection to the inner child, the doubt mind, or fears that are hiding in the sacral or blocking the vision., for the subject (you or another person, animal, place…)

While you complete the course, you will complete live practice sessions. At the end you will know how to conduct 4 Live Intuitive Body Scan Readings with me present to receive your certification. I will provide the subjects for you.

You will be fully certified and able to perform and charge for a session within 8- 10 weeks (with completion of your practice sessions which you can do anytime). To complete your certification you need to perform 4 live sessions with Akasha present. We will provide the subjects so you can complete and get into the flow fast.

During class you will learn and practice Intuitive Readings by doing “Body Scans” – these are deep and powerful and multidimensional. You are using into all levels of the subject (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships…). You learn how to create and enter a clear space, connect to  and perceive what the subject’s highest good wants to show you/them.

MultiDimensional Self Scans, Human Scans with person present (virtual is fine, real time), live animals scans, place scan (usually a building) and begin to receive information.

BONUS TRAINING to explode your readings with richness! Akashic Records 8th Dimension Temple Readings  You will also begin to Read the Akashic Records for your subject with a multidimensional access point into the 8th dimension. This  access system gives you a chance to embody the records, and perceive the many facets co-existing here.

Even if you have had Akashic records training before, you have never experienced this laser sharp ancient mystics method!

Learn the secrets of the 8th dimension and the Akashic records that few know! What many do not realize is other dimensions have different atmospheres. In order to really “read the book of life (akashic records) you must ‘merge’ with it! When you have expanded and connected to the Akasha you will practice perceiving a new depth and receive their answers. where you begin to receive from other times, lives, places and more.  The Akashic Records are the “Book of Life” where you can access any time, past, present and future. You will be able to receive answers and guidance and even release old patterns.


#1 This is for any human who wants to live a fully soul aligned and expressed life. If you want to know your true multidimensional nature, communicate with your higher self, body or elementals. If you want to consciously use your extra sensory perceptions, your intuitive gifts, your psychic powers and discover your Soul blueprint strengths… if you are ready to leave the old limiting beliefs and expand your awareness into the subtle realms of spirit, elementals, chakras and more this is for you.
If you want to increase your consistency, clarity and confidence in receiving guidance, communication, support, healing and messages on all levels of who you are manifest consciously and create joy, freedom and wholeness in your reality and the world, this is for you. It is an essential skill that needs no prior experience or knowledge.

#2 This is for healers, teachers, therapists, healthcare or social workers, caregivers, intuitive, psychics, executives, business owners, artists, writers, musicians, parents…

1. Conscious Intuition Toolkit – Charts, Templates, Guidelines
2. Manual with Step by Step follow along “How to do an Infinite Intuitive Reading, Body Scan or Akashic Records Temple Scan” All full color encoded graphics and declarations. Includes how to set sacred space, how to connect clearly, how to disconnect and clear yourself and your space after a session and more.
You may do this certification if you have purchased or taken the Intuition Awakening One Course. See below for options and special pricing.
3. 24 /7 Access to the Videos and audio recordings of all trainings, activations and price sessions.

1 Gift Certificate to the upcoming Intuitive Development Class “Akashic Records & the 8th Dimension”

Due to practice time, the class size will be limited, so reserve your spot now.

Contact [email protected] for any questions!

You are going to be sooo happy you did this! 

“Thank you SO much! 
That (intuitive reading) was astoundingly spot on for me and enormously helpful and clarifying. 
Very, very grateful! “-  L.H. INtuition Awakening ONE Graduate

THIS IS A SPECIAL PAGE FOR NEW INTUITION STUDENTS WHO WISH TO JOIN THE CERTIFICATION COURSE Fall 2022 AND HAVE NOT TAKEN THE IA1 COURSE (Pre-requisite to own it, you do not have to complete it before the certification live course starts. We will give you a guide.).

**Please contact Donna at [email protected] if you need a personalized payment okay or have any questions. I am (Akasha) happy to chat with you about the course or any other questions you have.