Soul Awakening Session Private Package

From: $379.00 / month for 3 months

Soul Blueprint Awakening Private Package This package includes Four – 1 hour Private sessions with Akasha, recorded and aligned to your highest good. We can work on any topic that is optimal for you at this time.

This package opens you to your Soul Blueprint

Session 1 Meet your Soul Blueprint Keeper and Enter Your Stellar Gateway Center and Blueprint. Discover your Souls age, Soul Missions, Soul Talents, Soul Chosen Fears Soul Desires,  and more.
Session 2 Decoding your Current Life  – unraveling the deeper meaning under what has happened to you. in this life
Session 3 Past Lives Powers and Core Wounds
Session 4 Uncover and Reconnect your Psychic Powers, Star Seed senses, Inner strengths and intuitive super powers

You are awakening to your truth, that you are more than you knew and it’s time to explore your purpose and blocks to it. They include reading of your energy field, communicating with your body, higher self, angels, guides, other lives within your Soul, the past you, other people in your life alive or not, master teachers or animal spirt guides… it all is unique to you.  It includes LightBody work and energy medicine healing  – we always cleanse and align you and activate your Lightbody to align with your Soul Signature frequency.

I work on multiple dimensions and receive information in many ways (images, messages, sensations and more). Sometimes we journey (I guide you into a deep state and you experience another time, life or realm always to answer your deepest needs in the moment).

Do you want to know what your Soul’s level, talents, fears, purpose and plans for you are? Are you ready to discover the truth of who you are, what your karmic strengths, weaknesses and blocks are? Who are your guides, what are your intuitive powers and “past/parallel” life skills. What is the purpose of your pain and fear? What are the pearls waiting within you to shine in the sun? You need to remember who you are, what your intuitive gifts are and the Life your Soul intended now.

We clear blocks and beliefs that hold you back and unravel soul contracts, vows, attachments and fears. We work weekly or every other week to create a flow of consistent transformation (when you go deep things integrate, shift and open after the session for awhile). It is best to have a spiritual mentor to help you as you unlock your truth and free yourself from old people, places, patterns, mindsets and relationships or jobs.

You are in a BIG TIME of CHANGE and you must change and blossom into who you were designed to be. This can involve lightbody sickness, uncertainty and procrastination. You might feel disconnected or disoriented as you change who you are being and how you are living.

The power a package is we stay in touch in between sessions and you are safe knowing we will be meeting agin to handle what comes up. You are awakening to your true potential and this package allows you to have me by your side to help guide and decipher, heal and reconnect.

Whatever comes up – personal, professional, love or money related or health related… it’s all YOU and we address what is on the forefront or buried underneath to free you to move forward on your divine path.

*I recommend your first session is a Soul Reading or you purchase a separate 60 minute Soul Reading (we will give you a special link and price once you buy this package) because this is at the best way to see where you are and what you most need at this time.

This private deep work Package Includes
  • 4 Hours of Private Time with Akasha to use
  • Private Sessions with Akasha live on zoom
  • Audio recorded for you (often you will want to repeat the session or listen to take notes)
+ 2 – 10 Minute Check-in or Emergency Calls
+ Emails & Texts as needed

Includes these bonus tools:
1. 1 Mini Reading (15 minutes) ($69)
2. Infinite Self Bundle including Infinite Self Meditation ($75)
3. Rich Mind Belief Changing Process WorkSheet and Video
4. Scale of Vibrational Consciousness States & Chart of the Rays of Creation– PDF
5. Video Training on Testing your State of Consciousness and Truth Testing
6. Stress Eraser Audio


Soul Discovery
Deep Body, Mind & Soul Healing Package