Soul Discovery Private Package Special Save $80


One Month Soul Discovery Journey – unravel your Soul Purpose, Powers and Path!

  • 4.25 hours of sessions of Private Sessions (Live Virtual Recorded for you) with Akasha over 4 weeks
  • Special Package Price $1097 per month (Reg $ 1177 – buy now and Save $80 over hourly price!)


This Package of powerful Soul Sessions includes 4 x 60 min Sessions + 1 Bonus Quick Answers Session (20 min)  = $1442. This Package Saves you $100
Soul Discovery Private Session Package is how you attune to your SOUL BLUEPRINT & Discover who you are designed to be!

Live 1-1 virtually on Zoom and recorded on audio for you to repeat as often as needed to integrate the deep shifts.

  • Week 1 – Soul Reading (60 min) Very Deep! See your blocks, strengths, purpose, guides, blueprint, fears, vows, other lives, Soul purpose, and more! Cleanse and realign to your optimal state and connection to your highest good and true purpose. This session shows us where you are and we do a very deep first step into your soul’s path.
  • Week 2 – Akashic Records Journey & Past Lives Healing Journey We enter Your Akashic Records and find your past life wounds and blocks, Soul contracts and transform and free them into powers, guides and realign to your Soul Blueprint & destiny path (60 Minutes)
  • Week 3– Star Seed Attunement Discover your Star Seed powers, origins, mentors, schools, guides and more.Find and complete or redirect lifetimes that hold your power, pain, and gifts and  you have outgrown and need to free yourself from and reclaim and reassign your energy. (60 minutes)
  • Week 4 – Soul Purpose Attunement & Future Self Creation Journey Now you have unraveled and released so much of the past unnerving energies and discovered more of your Soul Blueprint you can attune to your potential future self that is most optimal for you at this time.
    You will receive guidance for your next steps, activation of your forgotten senses and talents, multidimensional healing and reprograming and empowerment to go into your new life with support, trust and flow.  Design and download your new blueprint, guidance, and gifts you have recovered and experience blooming into your full expression and receiving exceptional abundance and joy while being fully you. A deep rewiring to your Soul Signature Frequency so you know and feel who you are becoming and step into it. (60 min)
  • BONUS + 1 – 15 Minute Mini Session, Check-in or Emergency Call
  • + Emails & Texts as needed during the month
  • All sessions are recorded for your library on audio* This is a key to the depth of the shifts my clients experience. They re-use the session, and get a deeper healing and a change in their mindset so they Become the future empowered self.

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