Intuition Awakening One & Two Training Courses

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“Thank you SO much! 
That (intuitive reading) was astoundingly spot on for me and enormously helpful and clarifying. 
Very, very grateful! “-  L.H. INtuition Awakening ONE Graduate
INSTANT ACCESS to All Activations, Attunements, classes, readings, practice sessions and more!

An experiential and practical awakening of your intuition to a whole new level. This is a deep dive into turning on your intuition and upgrading your wiring to be able to receive and perceive more. This course will help get more of your 360 senses online again.

These are Life Skills! Improve your life, income, health, and happiness. Your Intuitive Mind needs attention and development to balance out your overdeveloped Analytical mind.

INTUITION GAMES & ACTIVATIONS! Awakening & Advanced! We will do practical, energetic, and powerful practices, activations, and visualizations to awaken and develop your “Clair’s” (inner clarity on multiple dimensions): clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisense, and clairvoyance. You will have exercises and processes to use to continue to develop your intuition for years to come.

Remember developing your intuitive gifts (seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, dreaming, remembering, journeying…) gives your life such depth! Improve relationships, decisions, income, quality of life, health, and work.

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