Intuition Awakening One & Two Training Courses

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“Thank you SO much! 
That (intuitive reading) was astoundingly spot on for me and enormously helpful and clarifying. 
Very, very grateful! “-  L.H. INtuition Awakening ONE Graduate
INSTANT ACCESS to All Activations, Attunements, classes, readings, practice sessions and more!

An experiential and practical awakening of your intuition to a whole new level. This is a deep dive into turning on your intuition and upgrading your wiring to be able to receive and perceive more. This course will help get more of your 360 senses online again.

These are Life Skills! Improve your life, income, health, and happiness. Your Intuitive Mind needs attention and development to balance out your overdeveloped Analytical mind.

INTUITION GAMES & ACTIVATIONS! Awakening & Advanced! We will do practical, energetic, and powerful practices, activations, and visualizations to awaken and develop your “Clair’s” (inner clarity on multiple dimensions): clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisense, and clairvoyance. You will have exercises and processes to use to continue to develop your intuition for years to come.

Remember developing your intuitive gifts (seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, dreaming, remembering, journeying…) gives your life such depth! Improve relationships, decisions, income, quality of life, health, and work.

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Take advantage of this incredible moment to start on developing your Intuition with the Powerful Awakening Training Course designed for anyone to advance quickly. 
INSTANT ACCESS TO THE Powerful IA1 & 2 Intuition Awakening multimedia Course – all online for you t todo at your own pace. 

  • 13+ intuition Activation Classes & Attunements
  • 6 Intuition Games, Practice and Play Classes
  • 6 intuition Powerful Attunements you can repeat and continue fine-tuning your communication channels. (Audios to use daily)
  • 11 + Processes/Visualization/Meditations/Awakenings  
  • 13+ Activations & Daily Routines to repeat
  • 4 Readings & Q & A/sharing recorded calls
  • 26+ Encoded Graphics, Charts, Checklists, Declarations
  • Guidebook
  • Instruction Video and Daily Activation!
  • TOPICS INCLUDE: Money Intuition, Health Challenges – Body Talk, Love & Purpose Intuition, 3rd Eye opening and more*SEE MORE OF THE ATTUNEMENTS, ACTIVATIONS, PROCESSES, ENCODED GRAPHICS THAT ARE INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE BELOW*

“I really appreciate and am loving the attunements and activations.
they are incredible. I feel so delicious when I do them.
I truly thank you so much for this amazing course and for your insight sister” -G.S. IA ONE Class Graduate


1. INSTANT ACCESS: “Awaken to Your 360 Senses” mini-course and activation (1 video, 1 audio, 3 PDFs)

You will begin with this, understanding our senses, and begin to consciously connect and awaken your senses so you can receive and send messages inter-dimensionally. There are multiple dimensions – worlds within worlds to communicate with, create, heal or play with. You have NO IDEA how vast you and the multiverse are until you begin to explore!

2. INSTANT ACCESS “Chakra Intuition Boost Activation Meditation”

3. INSTANT ACCESS to “Intuition Amplified 2022” a Cleanse & Enter into the INtuition Awakening Temple of Unity for 2022. *************************************

In this course you receive many audio and videos that are guided so you can just listen and activate your intuition. Once you begin you will be notified of the upcoming Live Intuition Accelerator Live Practice Sessions. You get to come to 3 with this course!

The attunements and activations and processes are designed for you to REPEAT and MANY of our students repeat them daily or weekly. So this class is not a one off, do it and move on. This is a powerful toolbox for you to keep awakening your intuition, opening and upleveling your senses for as long as you are alive!

I include as many teachings on sacred geometry, LightBody (your Luminous Energy Body), Your Chakras, Your key sense organs and glands (like the 3rd Eye-Crown-Palm Portals, and How energy works so you can increase your ability to sense and direct it. When you can connect to your angelic guides, nature spirits ascended masters, colors, elements and even to the infinite field your life opens up and blossoms into a magnificent canvas.

Your intuitive gifts are important to happiness, living a life of purpose, wealth, and even health.

You can receive messages from other realms, your angels, your body, your dog or cat, wild animals, nature, ascended masters, your higher self.

You also learn how to perceive, receive, and sense ENERGY in many subtle forms beyond what you have yet even if you are very aware of your senses (you have 360+). You are wired with receptors and receivers and senses and we cleanse, activate and connect them so you can begin to function with more of you ‘online’. You can then continue to cleanse, clear and activate them so you increase your powers and abilities as you grow and evolve.

This class will be your go to for many years to come, and it is a vital step in becoming a conscious creator and living your purpose as a fully activated divine being.

“I think you put on an incredible class.  I love it, I love it.  I don’t want it to stop!
I feel we need to keep ongoing. For me and every one the practice and play sessions are incredible.” S.W.

I have been teaching and guiding and healing and seeing beyond the veil for decades so I know how to break down the abstract or unknown concepts, and give you ways to create new mindsets, neural pathways and change how you create and experience your life.

Are you ready to uplevel that skill and open to new realities? This new class on conscious  Intuition Awakening is on special and has a payment plan option because I believe it is the most important skill you can develop. It will have profound effects on your life, your income, your relationships, yourself love, and your ability to live in joy

Intuition is your communication network.

Intuition needs to be awakened and turned on.
Once you turn on your Intuitive supernetwork you will connect to the stars, to the past, to your body, to your purpose, and record keepers.

This intuition network is already installed within you, it just takes you to consciously login and begin to upgrade to your intuitive gifts that you are ready for now.


Intuitive Network Connection & Cleansing + Attunement to Be Free of Challenges and Attachments
3rd Eye Command Center Gateway Attunement including the Chakras & Palm Portals & Light Antennae Communication Activation
Final Attunement & Initiation: Your Temple of Clear Communication & Sacred Cleanse & Connect for Daily Use

Processes & Exercises
Sensory Activation for 3rd Eye/Crown/Palm Portals
Emotional Excavation & Enquiry Exercise
The Acceptance Process
The Infinite Field Heart to Heart Light Weaving process
Open Eye Light Weave
Heart to Heart & Mind to Mind Light Weave with Higher Self
Creating & Using the Clear Communication & Intuitive Connection Communication Corridor
Atlantean Wand
Connecting to guides, What kind of guides and Who are your guides
Violet Light of Fire Cleanse
Soul Signature Frequency Alignment
2022 Energy Combing

Practice & Play Processes
How to RECEIVE More from the Message.
Principles and preparation for Intuitive Communication.
Intuitive Network Activation & Setting Sacred Protected Space + Sharpening Your Senses
The Golden Triangle of Light clear connection process
Command Center 3 Step Activation: Connect-receive-decipher messages
Asking intuitive clarifying questions while staying clear
Communication Corridor of Light Creation & Use
How to Receive Messages & Guidance on HOT TOPICS: Money,
Love, Health, Sex, Self Worth
Intuitive Play: Connecting to Higher Selves, Guides, Other People, Animals, Crystals, Land
Manifestation, Creation & Your Purpose
Receiving Guidance & Messages: How to Receive, Decipher, Decode and Understand incoming communication
How to do readings using the Communication Corridor
Communication through the Scale of Vibrational Consciousness Experience
2022 Intuitive Body Scans

Activations & Daily Routines
Setting Sacred Space and Activating your Light/Energy Body, Calling in the LBH Council
Truth Testing – test your rate and state of consciousness on the Scale
Declarations (Direction Commands) for Optimal Awakening
Activation with Higher Self
Awakening to your 360 Senses Activation
Chakra Intuition Boost
Upgrade Your Senses
Infinity Light Weaving Vertical Weave Light Antennae Activation
Connection to guides and receiving messages Activation for Balancing Polarities (Masculine/Feminine)
2022 LightBody Activation

Encoded Graphics, Charts
Scale of Vibrational Rays of Consciousness
Chart of the 12 Rays Of Creation
LBH 18 Chakra Healing Chart
Infinite Field Light Weave
Infinity Healing Chamber How to create and activate
Awakening to your 360 Senses Graphics
Infinity Healing CHamber
LightBody Healing Council
Akashic Ascension Sphere (AKA LightBody)
Open Eye Light Weave
Infinity Light Weaving Vertical Weave Light Antennae Activation
Atlantean Wand
Personal Palm Portal Chakra
Personal Crown Chakra
Personal 3rd Eye Chakra
Crown Palm Portal Gateway
Crown Fusion Abundance Awakening
Heart to Heart & Mind to Mind Higher Self Weave
Heart to Heart Infinity Light Weaving
Sri Yantra
Infinite Field Weave Step 1 to 3
Crown Fusion Abundance Awakening
Divine Heart to Heart Light Weaving
Palm Portal Gateway Chakra 7 b & c
LightBody Healing Structure AAS Lay-oo-esh Pillar of Light
Light Antennae Rainbow Bridge
2022 Intuitive Body Scans
2022 Golden Triangle

Intuition Awakening Course TOPICS

CONNECT: Learn to Establish a Connection, Protection & Alignment so you can increase your ability to pick up the signals, messages, and energies that are for your highest good.

RE-AWAKEN YOUR SENSES: You have a built-in ability to Perceive & Receive information and messages and then Interpret, understand & Act on it. You will awaken to more of your 360 senses and discover which ones you are currently strong with. More senses and ways to receive information will develop in your own optimal way.

GUIDANCE & MESSAGES: Decipher, decode and understand your intuitive communication (I will help you figure out the real meaning of the information that comes through.

MANIFESTATION, CREATION & YOUR PURPOSE: Change your life dramatically with your awakened intuition. You will trust yourself, know you are supported and allow the solutions to reveal. You are the creator of your reality, now you can create from a higher perspective and divine guidance. Your purpose begins t lead and you create and enjoy life in a more relaxed and fun way.

READINGS: Learn to do intuitive readings on yourself, your loved ones, places, jobs, and more. Your relationships will change and deepen, you will know which are good for you and which to let go of.

CHAKRAS: Awaken your intuitive energy centers to be portals of communication to send and receive.

CLAIR’S – Develop the natural wired talents of clairaudience, sentience, joyance and cognisenseBalance, flow, harmony

THIRD EYE DEVELOPMENT: Increase your inner vision, one of your most important centers of communication.

ENERGY: You will increase your ability to perceive energy like Auras, Chakras, Energy Cords and attachments and knots.

VISUALIZATION: Accelerate and fine tune your visualization skills (super important and underrated).

HEALINGS: When you awaken your intuition you align with your truth, your body and forces beyond your understanding. You can create healing in the body, mind or emotional fields. Miracles and transformations beyond what you were told is possible. You access the higher states of consciousness where life is, the infinite field of possibilities, other timelines of health and happiness and Source power.

NAVIGATE DIMENSIONS: Learn to move from dense states in 3-D to 5-D and beyond. Astral travel, experience other realities and realms, communicate with other worlds and benevolent beings, light, colors and more who can open your awareness and free your mind.

SPIRIT GUIDES & THE DECEASED: Learn to connect and communicate with the optimal guides for you including nature spirits, celestials (sun, moon, Gaia…), elementals, animals, angels, ascended masters and even your ancestors, deceased family or pets!

MULTIDIMENSIONAL YOU (“Past”& future Lives): Be able to connect to these other parts of you and your Soul that carry important information about blocks, challenges, patterns, pain, Soul contracts

HIGHER SELF, BODY ELEMENTAL, I AM PRESENCE: Develop a clearer relationship with these wise and powerful parts of you.

AKASHIC RECORDS & SOUL BLUEPRINT: These are key structures in your LightBody that contain the secrets and pleasures of your Divine makeup. When you increase your intuitive skills you can receive guidance, healings and journeys with these important parts of you and meet your ‘record keepers”.

SYMBOLS & LIGHT LANGUAGES: Intuition is a connection to the subtle realms and the many ways messages, healing and guidance is conveyed. Learn to open to more ‘languages’ and deeper meaning available to you.

CLEANSING: Learn to cleanse and clear your body mind and energy bodies so you can be a clear and open channel to your highest god in any moment.

Worlds open for you as you finally give your intuitive gifts the training they need!

Step back into being the creative explorer you came here to be! Join now and get started right away with the starter tools.


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