Violet Flame Transmutational Cleanse


The Violet Flame Cleanse Meditation uses the 7th ray of creation – the Violet Light of Fire to free you from energies that hold you back, weigh you down, cause disease or confusion and overwhelm. It is the most powerful ray on the planet.

Transmutation is KEY right now. Don’t suppress, ignore or tolerate any energy that is not for your highest good and purpose!

The 7th violet ray of creation is a transmutational ray that burns away the old and connects you to your divine purpose.

This audio can be used over and over to amplify this powerful violet flame, so you can use it to cleanse and realign.

In this beautiful audio with music, we call in the Violet Flame and the Angelic Realms, Quan Yin and St Germaine to transmute OLD KARMIC KNOTS and vows, contracts, and stuck patterns that no longer serve your highest good.

I use the violet flame ALL THE TIME! 

Multiple times a day, I call on this amazing energy and the angelic presences and ask them to cleanse away the energies that are not mine, are restrictive, heavy, limiting, toxic, outdated, and unserving for my highest good or my clients.

I use the Violet light of fire in the LightBody healing courses and with private clients. I use it in every session I do and in my home. 

This is a powerful cleansing and transmutational ray because it has been used and anchored by so many on the earth for so long that you can tap in with ease and sense, feel and see it.

The Violet Light of Fire transmute karma (stuck patterns, fears, and vows) and reconnects you to your true purpose.

Transmutation is to alter in form, appearance, or nature. Transmutation is Alchemy, an energetic/state or frequency shift. This light of fire helps you change FORM and circumstances.

Use the Violet Flame Cleanse for anything you want to burn away and let go of, clear, and transmute. You can use it daily to purify your LightBody and align with your purpose and power. 

Use this deep energy cleanse and multidimensional transmutation to amplify the healing energy of the violet light of fire and use it to help you let go, forgive, and be free.

Violet blessings are yours.