Manifesting Magic Private Mentorship with Akasha


I am opening only 5 Spiritual Mentoring Spots for 2024. It has been many years since I have offered 1-1 mentoring for longer packages. I am offering these now and they may be the only ones I open for all of 2024.

This is a re-empowerment experience, a resurrection of the wisdom jewels of your soul and a renewal of your spirit. It is a walk into yourself to realize who you really are and to leave behind the old. It is a powerful way to change from within so your life has real shifts and you begin to live more closely with your soul.

This is a spiritual mentorship that includes powerful healing and self realization at the level of ancient mystery schools.

Like Athena the Goddess of wisdom, protection, peace, was always by the side of the Hero’s helping with magic and powers and guidance, I will be here for you.

This is a magic doorway into a land of delights that live within you.

You will be able to access it and become your own receiver of guidance as you realize your true self. There are always ups and downs in life, no matter what, yet how you feel, what you think it means, and judgements about how life and hard work or suffering, struggle and loss are life fact.

As you move through your life, we will be in the present moment, opening doors and receiving the signs from your soul.

I will teach you the magic of life, the sacred feminine arts of receiving and alchemical transmutation at a level you never knew.

This is the power of creation and un-creating you hold within. The sacred feminine codes within you must be accessed and healed (made whole, reconnected) again and then. you will understand a key to manifesting magic – the power of resurrection and giving life (it is already within you. We are on a quest to discover it).

As you become free of your current perceived limits, challenges and low conscious beliefs, a new reality begins to dawn in your awareness. As we go along I will show you how to read the messages in nature, dreams, decipher the synchronicities, signs and symbols and how to invite them to “appear” to you more and more!

I am here to assist you to move HIGHER on the scale of consciousness to access the sacred feminine powers of peace, harmony, joy, gratitude and receiving to give and giving from overflow.

Your divine wisdom is within you open to healing the sacral, connecting to higher intuitive powers or spirit guides, to manifesting career, relationships, a business or a soulmate, can design your magical healing, manifesting and prospering journey together.


Live on zoom, private and recorded on audio for you to reuse as a healing and part of the Process