Shame Cleanse


Deep Healing Energy & LightBody Cleanse & Guided Healing Meditation, 30 minutes with 10 minutes of additional Akasha Remix music to integrate your session.

Use daily or as often as optimal to move through changes, loss, self-doubt, lack of energy, or confidence. Physical ailments, mental anxiety, and mindsets of lack. The state of Shame is heavy and holds misery in the mind and humiliation in the emotional field. The effects of carrying shame can be loss of love, happiness, health, relationships, and money.

This powerful guided audio energy cleanse and healing goes deep into your spiritual anatomy. You hold shame from this life and others. You can hold it in your cells, DNA, mind, beliefs, chakras, or emotional field. It can come from your ancestors, or your own lives and from this life.

Shame can infect you if you lived in a family, or culture that uses shame as control or punishment. The term “shame on you” is a curse. Yet we hear people say it who supposedly love us. Some cultures pass shame down from generation to generation. Most people were taught to not believe in or love themselves. There is a huge cloud of “you are not worthy, or good enough” and secret shame embeds into the body. The sacral and therefore the root center is affected by shame. This blocks all forms of lifeforce, abundance, and flow.

Everyone holds some shame, most of it is secret. It lives in cells, the mind, and even your emotional field.

Shame is the lowest state of consciousness and is very heavy. You free yourself from victimhood and access your creativity and joy when you free yourself from shame.


Download the Scale of Vibrational Rates >Here<

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