Angels of Abundance Encounters Course


Angels of Abundance is a 5 part course, mystery school and experience. It will awaken your senses and attune you to the angelic realms and their powers, healing and guidance. You will develop a powerful personal relationship with your angels and it will change your life. Do you long to feel the presence of a loving, harmonious and protective angels?

Please join me for Angels of Abundance Circle starting May 13 for 5 weeks. Live Every Thursday at 1pm Central.
Class 1 –  Guardian Angel, 2 – Prosperity & purpose Angels and 3 –  Joy & Happiness Angels are all ready for you instantly!
Who are the Angels of Abundance?
Each week we will meet and explore our connection to our own personal Abundance Angels. You will be able to use yer audio and video repeats to reconnect again anytime.
You will meet, connect and clear yourself to communicate and receive guidance more consistently.
LIVE CALLS will include a 30-60 minute Live Q & A at the end. Starts May 13 – join anytime. ALL recorded for you to reuse anytime. 
Angelic Encounter 1. Your Guardian Angel & How to Opening to Angelic Realms and clear communication INSTANT ACCESS
Angelic Encounter 2. Your Angel of Prosperity & Purpose (Instant Access)
Angelic Encounter 3. Your Angel of Joy & Happiness Instant Access
Angelic Encounter 4. Your Angel of Wealth & Finances (2 hours) June 3
Angelic Encounter 5. Healing with your Angels (60 min) June 10

This is an experience to awaken and tune your senses
to light, eve and angelic realms and all they offer for your highest good.In the very first Angels of Abundance Class you will experience (and get to repeat anytime) these and more:

    • The Angelic Realms created a beautiful space for us to meet them in! A special cocoon and Diamond Light Temple for us to meet and work with our angels in.
    • A new enlightening energy cleanse: a “Feather-Wing Light Cleanse” that was an amazing, light, gentle and strong clearing of all of our bodies. I felt taller and lighter and bright after it!
  • A journey with your Guardian Angel(s) and messages, gifts, healings and guidance.
  • Archangel Michael is our overarching guide and space holder for this course and he created a “Castle of Protective Light” including his Legions of Light. You will be able to recreate it anytime you want and we will keep activating it over the next month together, so it will be very real to you soon!
  • You will receive these activations and ways to connect, cleanse, heal or receive guidance on easy to use audios so you can use them as daily tools.
  • Video & audio replay so you can repeat your journey and have a new one anytime you feel called.

This is powerful way to clearly connect to angelic presences that are here waiting to help you. You have them and they are trying to communicate. You want guidance,, prosperity, happiness, healthy boy or finances? You have angels just for this exact purpose and they have invited you to connect and create a new life!This is an energy cleansing and healing PLUS this is a mystery school to connect you to another realm (angelic) that is ready to connect, communicate, educate, heal, guide, support, inspire, protect. The many dimensions, miracles, possibilities and mysteries of life creation are revealed to you by your very own angels of abundance.In each of the four – 2 hour experience: you will awaken your senses and reconnect your intuitive skills receive healings and cleanses with each angel and a message.IN EACH SECTION: You will go on a guided journey with each angel that is unique to you that will provide guidance and miracles just for you.

You will develop a relationship with your Angels of Abundance and live from flow and joy more and more. They will become more real, tangible and your communication will open and awaken.

You will feel their presence and protection and they will assist you in aligning with your purpose. More ease, faster healing and solutions.

Your ability to trust, receive and act on the guidance from these loving essences will increase and you will begin to see daily synchronicities, symbols signs, warnings, and direction.

You will unveil the subtle realms where infinite possibilities exist and the Angels of Abundance will help you dissolve blocks to your prosperity, joy and wealth.

Your heart knows you have a power angel or guardian angel. You will start this journey learning how to connect to the angelic realms with more clarity and speed and then meet your power angel. This is a primary guide that is important to your life right now. It may be different than you guardian angel at a younger time.

These days everyone is waking up and more of our 360 senses. This means you become more visible to the higher levels of consciousness. This includes angels and other ‘subtle’ entities of light. Angels are messengers, they are healers, and they are light beings who have come specifically to assist you in the most loving way. 
I want to invite you on a journey with me… a loving, healing, awakening journey to expand your senses.
You have Angelic energies that are here just for you. You have Angelic guides who are ready to help you.
You are reading this because your angels are trying to reach you and give you support.
You know in your heart it’s time to accept the loving  protection and brilliant insight of your angels.
You are born to be abundantly creative, abundantly loving, abundantly guided, abundantly prospered!
It’s time to create your reality in a more direct and conscious way with your purpose and abundant nature.
More people are sensing and feeling angelic healings, interventions and guidance. So many of my clients are having profound angel experiences. From being surrounded in angelic realms, feathers, wings or clouds to receiving symbols dreams and messages.
Regardless of what you believe an Angel is (and I’m not talking about the religious perspective or history) there are moments in life when invisible loving guidance is so tangible and miracles happen before our eyes
Accept this support… you are loved.

Accept the miracles and abundance that is waiting for you!


Abundant hugs, Akasha

You can also have a private session with me where you can explore your angels!

 >Messages from your Angel< where you meet and receive guidance and healing from an angel or angels here for you right now. (60 min).
>Meet your Guardian or Power Angel< a 90 minute deep private session where you will meet and connect to the most powerful angel present for you right now. You will journey with your angel and receive healing, guidance and reconnect in a way you can repeat daily.

You will be delighted and lightened to connect and hear what’s ready for you!