Zodiac Power Activation Session




ACTIVATE your ZODIAC POWERS! Sun Sign Soul Powers Activation & Balancing.  An ALL NEW PRIVATE SESSION that will help you reclaim your power and balance in your soul blueprint’s astrological your birth nature.45 minute live, virtual, private recorded for you to work with.

ACTIVATE your ZODIAC POWERS! Sun Sign Soul Powers Activation & Balancing. An Akashic Soul Reading of your Zodiac Sun Sign Nature.

An activation of your natural powers and gifts. We find and balance both sides of your zodiac sign personality.

The logical with the intuitive, we find the way your strengths and weaknesses have been dividing your full power and clear communication with your intuitive network.

You are meant to embody your Zodiac sign’s powers and tame its fears!You have untapped power within trying to move you forward into your health, wealth, happiness, purpose, love… and you have fears and old patterns holding you back and putting the foot on the brake.

You are ready to reclaim your powers that are a natural part of your astrological soul design! You choose this sun sign for a reason – to support your mission!

This is not a astrological reading of your natal chart, this is a energy reading and healing of your energy fields and balancing them with your powers into a cohesive, co0creative whole.

Balancing them is like taming them as wild extremes that are now given and voice, seen, calmed down and reunited.

This session will tap into your light body and where you can free yourself to step into your unique soul blueprint through your template of your SUN SIGN!

Grab your session now and know yourself better, and come into your natural powers.

“Artwork by Chr1stopher.com

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