Star Seed Powers Attunement


The healing power of reconnecting to your Star Seed origins and lives, is true freedom from who you were told you were and an acknowledgement of our empathic, sensitive and intuitive nature.


This is the next step on your path of spiritual evolution!

Re-empower yourself with YOUR OWN INNER Galactic wisdom in this Star Seed Reconnection and Alignment!

  1. You have the cosmic perspectives and powers and now you can reunite!
  2. Find freedom from feeling like you are uncertain, you are missing something, or you are never good enough or never feeling like you belong.
  3. Self love empowers; respect and appreciate yourself more… and allow more self acceptance and love.
  4. Reconnect to your Galactic Soul and Star wisdom so you can live more fully in your purpose.
  5. Intuitive upleveling, access ancient and future and cosmic powersand wisdom and find missing pieces to your purpose.
  6. Find Freedom from self judgement as you reconnect to your star seed nature! Freedom from feeling misunderstood, like you don’t belong.
  7. In this process you will feel “home”, safe, understood… because you finally understand yourself!

In fact it would be super awesome to get 3 or more sessions so that you can go deep into your powers, the Universities you have attended on other star systems and often you have many star seed mysteries and wisdom within you.

Many clients find 3 Star Seed Sessions is a perfect amount.

Believe me I get to see inside so many clients and students and WOW your Soul Blueprint is stunning, unique and fascinating.

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