Sacral Soul Secrets Private Healing Session


A Deep Cleanse & Empowerment Session

In this one-hour recorded live session, Akasha takes you deep into your Sacral center where you carry your secrets, shame, guilt, and regret AND your purpose, passion, heightened senses/psychic abilities, and your true inner power.

The Sacral center holds so much power, and you have been taught not to accept and even fear your true power. In the Sacral Chakra center, everyone has hidden their shame and their secrets (this life and other lives). This center also holds your psychic powers, intuition, and spiritual and emotional strength.

The ability to embrace yourself as a divine creator and an infinite channel for good is blocked by all the centuries of fear and deep goo energy (this is like the dark dungeon, holding the medieval torture, the abuse, the betrayal, the revenge, and the loss energies and both old and new soul experiences).

When you experience this session you will uncover the most important secrets and dark (shame/blame/guilt/victim) energies holding you back at this time. We will connect, travel and communicate with your deepest parts and powers. We will cleanse and understand them so you can embrace your highest spiritual (hidden) power within and transmute the old heavy patterns in mind body and emotions into personal passion, balanced power, and loving creation.

Your sacral/root center must be accepted, uncovered, cleansed, and freed so it can become a safe place for you. It is the SEAT OF YOUR SOUL’S INFINITE POWER TO MANIFEST IN YOUR BODY. It connects to the root so you can anchor to the earth and receive physical riches, support and experiences. The Sacral and root chakra/energy centers are vital to fulfill manifesting your visions and purpose into form.

Known or unknown you have within you an emotional and energy block that does not allow you to fully enter and enjoy your body, life. It keeps you from using all your soul talents of creation. This prevents you from receiving what is needed to be your best and accept the delicious, abundant treats life has for you.

You are truly a powerful creator, yet you have been held back by carrying centuries of fear, shame, guilt, blame, victimhood, regret, and grief in this sacred center.

When your sacral cannot do its true job (connect you to the sacred flow of infinite love energies) you cannot fully heal, realign to your mission and create and live the life you are designed to live. You get stuck, feel depressed or unworthy, and you create disease and disconnect in financial, relational, and other parts of your life.

Right now you are called to walk through the darkest parts of you, unlock the parts of you that have been imprisoned, and bring your power to the surface to assist you in fulfilling your mission. It is no longer optimal for you to carry this old heavy energy. You must be free to use your powers and create the new reality – yours and the planets. This is not a journey to take alone, you have allies and I will guide you along with your optimal guides through this dark maze towards your spirit’s freedom.

You are meant to be rich, in all things that empower you to fully accept and embody your divine truth. This session will dig deep and give you the keys to your freedom.

The Sacral center is a sacred space, a powerful womb of creation, and the home of your 8 original cells at the base of your spine. This holds your life force, the balance of masculine and feminine, and your kundalini.

This Sacral/Root portal is where you accept and receive, but you cannot receive (love, money, health, guidance, or support) if you are clogged and diseased and carrying old energy attachments here. Your power to create, alchemize, dip into the secrets of the ages and ancient and new spiritual realms is in this center.

If you have wanted or lost a child, a project, a lifestyle, a business, or a relationship in your life, the pattern is here. and we will find the residue that still blocks you. If you feel like you have failed as a mother/moneymaker/partner/manifestor… this is where you have hidden the emotions about it.

This is a vital cleanse, discovery, and reconnection session where you will transform and heal old pain, fear, and soul contracts that no longer serve and support you. The ancient, ancestral and shrouded karmic energy knots you carry clog your ability to connect to your true passion and power. The deep (old, hidden, locked away) fears that live in all levels of your body/mind/emotional field need to be seen, heard, and accepted.

Now IS the time for shapeshifting into the powerful creator you are designed to be. This requires you to feel safe in your body, safe with money, safe with your happiness, success, intuitive skills, and safe in all relationships (with self, others, and higher realms).

To manifest the life your Soul intended you must clear your inner light path to the earth and to the higher self and infinite field.

You are a powerful creator and your time is here, now. You must reclaim your incredible power and your sacral center is where the passion, power, and deepest pain and secrets live.

Take this opportunity to do this session now so you can come into your body and accept who you are as we enter the most powerful time ever on our planet. This empowers you to align with support, love, power, intuitive senses and transmute the old fear of retribution (being ‘burned at the stake”/criticized, outcast, shamed) and lack.

Prosperity, joy, pleasure, love, incredible personal power and confidence, awakening of the senses, self-acceptance, and healing, self-love and heightened intuitive skills, freedom, the ability to shape-shift the old into the optimal and access to your missions and hidden realms. These are a few things possible when you do this Sacral Soul Secrets Session. Manifesting is a process of self-empowerment and co-creation. Your creation center is calling to you to release the past and re-form into the light you came to be.

As soon as you book email [email protected] and ask Donna for a session time. You are ready.