Communicate with Your Past Lives


Get this powerful guided process so you can communicate with the other parts of your soul!

You are only one part of a magnificent soul. Your other lives hold power and fear. Much of your strength and focus is tied up in old energy blocks and knots that are in other/past lives.

“I purchased the Past Lives Meditation and wow!!
Each time is a new adventure, full of insights and healing.
I’ve seen my Self in forms that barely resemble humans today.
I also had my first visit from a mermaid! So powerful and so much fun.
Thank you Nan.” EP

Where are your money and abundance? Tied up in a past life or more.

Where is your clear communication with your higher self or other teams? Blocked by a past life. Maybe you were ridiculed, beheaded, or outcasted.

What is holding you back from trusting yourself and being your full creative purpose? A past life decision that has blocked you in ways known and unknown.

You can repeat this process over and over to experience many other lives. heal old wounds, transform old fears and free your power to live fully. Past lives are a part of you and hold secrets that add to why you have held your voice back or resisted receiving, compliments or money.

Every pattern you have is held in another life and in this guided process you will discover the old contracts you made in painful life experiences.

Once you begin to connect to and free these other parts of you, you will be able to access the wisdom, expertise, and power these other lives hold.

Includes music by Akasha