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Stress, Family, Fear, Loss, Overwhelm, Uncertainty… whatever it is  these ENERGY CLEANSES FOR BODY-MIND-PROTECTION-HOME-WORK-EMOTIONS & MORE will be your BFF!
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4 Multidimensional Cleanses for Body/Mind/Emotions + Home + Money + Cleanses & Tools + 2 LightBody Activations + 2 Archangel Michael Protection Cleanses for you and your home.

INSTANT ACCESS to All cleanses and activations on video and audio, + 17 Full Color Graphics and PDF’s.  Repeat these processes until they become second nature. This is a product to use daily or like me, many times a day.

It’s practical use and easy application make it a part of your day to day life. You will use these processes for a very long time. They will accelerate your awakening, your alignment with health, opportunity, inner guidance and your ability to protect, cleanse and clear your own mind and energy furled, and even your house, office or any place.

Akasha’s Infinite Self Mystery School Energy Cleansing Class
Protect, Cleanse, Clear & Realign your LightBody

Multidimensional Power Cleanses (each a unique combination of many of the cleanses and tools I teach you)
#1 Akashic Ascension Sphere & Violet Flame LightBody Activation, Realignment & Cleanse
#2 Protection & Creating Sacred Space includes 2 Archangel Michael Activations.
#3 Home Cleanse: Cleansing any place, building, land from your Home/Office/Building/Land and anywhere from any time, person, energy that is not optimal for you.
#4 Self/Body Cleanse: Cleansing and Clearing Body-Mind-Emotions (All levels of LightBody, your energy field, mind, emotions, and more) and Realigning to your Soul Signature Frequency – your optimal vibrational state of consciousness.


  • Scale of Consciousness & Testing your Rate & State
  • Chart of the Rays of Creation
  • 3 Declarations and intentions.
  • Violet Flame Transmutational Cleanse & 2 Violet Flame Encoded Graphics
  • 2 LightBody Activation & Cleanse: Flower of Life & Akashic Ascension Sphere (AAS)
  • Chart of the 18 Chakras
  • Subtle Body Cleanse
  • Akashic Ascension Sphere (AAS) + 18 Chakras + (POL) Pillar of Light
  • “Layooesh” Pillar of Light – “POL
  • IHC Infinity Healing Chamber
  • Gold Ray Infusion
  • Mind Eye Cleanse
  • Rain cleanse
  • Archangel Michael’s Protection Sphere & Infusion & Cleanse with the Angelic Realms & Ascended Masters
  • Archangel Michael’s Pillars of Light Protection Activation2 Angelic Cleanses,Healing & Protection + 2 Archangel Michael Encoded Full Color Graphics


This process will change your life and put the power back in your hands. It is healing, protective, empowering, accelerating, realigning and will give you some of the most powerful spiritual and energy tools you have eve encountered.

It is an essential and powerful tool for all healers and parents, all teachers, therapists, caregivers, those who work closely with people or animals, anyone who works or lives in unsupportive relationships or any dramatic, loud or violent energy. If you live with someone who watches the news, or horror shows, you need to protect, clear and cleanse yourself.

You can be free from pain from the past from patterns in your mind fears in your belly and being influenced and affected by the emotions drama and opinions of others whether they’re close to you or playing out on the global stage.

Cleanse Your Energy, Home or Office, Create Sacred Space and Protect and Support Yourself Daily.

Powerful and Easy to Learn Energy Clearing Techniques ANYONE can do for Body, Mind and Places. Every single person alive needs these tools and skills to ensure they grow and bloom into the life their Soul intended. Especially healers, parents, therapists and light workers.

Multidimensional Power Cleanse #1 Akashic Ascension Sphere LightBody Activation & Violet Flame Cleanse. Start immediately, part 1, class1is this amazing activation and will awaken you to your full LightBody and a gentle yet powerful ally.

Learn the elements of creating safe space through sacred geometry, ancient symbols and powers, and future powers to Activate a Healing Chamber and Sacred Space anywhere. Working with its conscious, healing powers, protection, calm, clear connections to your inner senses and guidance you will gain confidence. Creating Sacred Safe Supportive Space will give you the environment for optimal growth and happiness for your.

You do this around you in all dimensions and you in a any 3D location too. Wherever you are, in 3D, 4D, 5D or astrally traveling the Akashic Records – you are safe. Let it Protect you anywhere, at anytime and keep you aligned to what is optimal at this time for your highest good.

Multidimensional Power Cleanses#3 HOME CLEANSE: Cleansing any place, building, land from your Home/Office/Building/Land and anywhere.

Cleansing your Home/Office/Building/Land and Creating Sacred Space anywhere.
Clear the energies in your house, office, land, town, state…
Learn how to clear all dark, limiting, outdated, disempowering energies in any form from any time from your home, office, school, restaurant or from where ever you are visiting.
Cleanse the Past lives, Past fears and Past entities when you buy a house or before and after others visit you.
Especially powerful for healers and parents or those who work with others for this health and well-being.
Clear the space in person or for a zoom call meeting or session and discover more clear communication and accelerated healing.
Clear the space (physical, virtual) after one client and before another to ensure the most pure sacred space for your work and the highest good of all concerned.

Clear the space when you are done working with a person/animal/place/project/assignment/book/art work. Clear the space after a party or before a romantic or important meeting or date. Clearing the space is a vital life skill that you will use many times everyday.

You will notice the difference when you let this skill become second nature and you experience having a clear and optimized space energetically. The power and peace of mind that comes with these essential life skills means you can trust that you can always optimize a space for your highest good and support.

Remember a plant only sprouts, grows and thrives when it is in the ideal environment. Now you could no longer be at the mercy of the energies in a place from past, the people or history. You can create a safe and Sacred space wherever you are.

Multidimensional Power Cleanses #4 SELF/BODY CLEANSE: Cleansing and Clearing Body-Mind-Emotions (All levels of LightBody, your energy field, mind, emotions and more) and Realigning to your Soul Signature Frequency – your Soul’s potential and the music, or rhythm of your optimal vibrational state of consciousness.

This is one of the most vital, critical skills EVERYONE needs to have.  There are too many people and other energies all around, you can get sucked into fear, lack, blame or negativity just by being with someone, or walking through an argument.

Every place you go, every person you speak to or meet in person, interact with… they all infect you with their energy. People you live with or work with, clients, and places you go – all have energy you need to be able to clear or access, as is optimal for you!

UNLESS you know how to cleanse and clear yourself before and after every part of your day, you are a victim to the emotional drama and trauma swirling around you.

This is energy healing, light body activation, multidimensional healing and a reconnection of you to. your truth, soul and blueprint. There are SO MANY benefits to these cleanses that I could talk for weeks about how we use them and what they have done.

You can star right now and let me guide you through these activations and the 4 multidimensional combination power energy-light-magic processes which you can do anytime to cleanse your space, your body-mind-emotional field and your connection to your cosmic self and intuitive network.

This gives you back your power! How to cleanse and clear the energy and clearing your self and your house and then become a clear Channel for your highest guidance!

Cleansing and Clearing Body-Mind-Emotions and Realigning to your Soul Blueprint. Your LightBody includes your physical, auric, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, relational and more bodies. These can all be cleansed despite their subtle vibration.
An emotional body cleanse – yes, all the icky, gooey, shame, guilt, blame, anger, desperation energies, beliefs and more hiding within you.

I this course you receive  cleanses that relieve Shock (everyone carries shock in their system and it makes your rigid and unable to clear and receive),  works to cleanse the Physical Body  (cellular, cellular memory, system, DNA, blood cleanser, congestion, infection, inflammation… etc), the Mental field (helping you to free your mind and focus from draining, low energy states of victimhood and disease.)… in fact these multidimensional cleanses work in any time, space, or body, as is optimal for your highest good.

Free yourself from others thoughts, words, curses or worry, or feelings or obligation, not speaking up. Want to reclaim your power and create your reality?

Reclaim your mind!

All energies around you have the potential to hurt or help you. You cleanse toxins from your body, medicines or fears, mindsets or ancestral beliefs… all are energy and can be released as you realign to your highest good, more free everytime you do this cleanse.
With these cleanses you have the tools to easily create your body, mind, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings the way that most supports you, and release the old negative patterns.

Everyone would greatly benefit from clearing themselves, their home, work and car every day, multiple times a day!

Heal body, relationships, finances, mind, fear… cleanse and clear daily until you automatically do it without thinking and always be in your optimal energy!

If you get affected by others emotions, drama, control or criticism, this will clear their energy from your field and allow you to finally

This is a must to use between sessions and how to use these powerful techniques to cleanse and clear your body of disease or imbalance, your emotions from fear or heavy emotions from others, and your and the Guided Cleanse on video & audio for your library.

You will learn to cleanse and clear your entire LightBody – from thoughts to feelings to stuck patterns.

You can clear unwanted, unseeing and leech energies that are not supporting you and might be draining you.

You can clear your creative channels to write, paint and create. You can clear your fears in your heart that block love and a love mate…

You can clear the imbalances, fears (past present future, in multiple dimensions of you)

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