Infinity Light Weaving Energy Manifesting & Healing Course


This easy-to-use and apply system will awaken your skills to see, direct and manifest with the infinite energy all around and within you.
Energy Medicine and Spiritual Awakening tools all in one simple system for anyone from age 1-100! INFINITY LIGHT WEAVING for Manifesting Health, Wealth & Happiness! ERASE STRESS + ANXIETY + LACK +INCREASE PEACE + ABUNDANCE +CLARITY AWAKEN YOUR POWER IN YOUR HANDS NOW!

Infinity Light Weaving gives you a single, simple tool, that you can learn in minutes! Then we guide you to use it in dozens of ways in your day-to-day life, right away! Instant access to all videos, graphics, activations, healings, and more.



Infinity Light Weaving gives you a single, simple tool, that you can learn in minutes! Then we guide you to use it in dozens of ways in your day to day life, right away! We show it all to you in full-color graphics, video trainings, video activations, and meditations! You are guided every step of the way and we even have review questions after each training video to help you anchor what you earned and experienced.

My #1 priority is to get this tool to you and to have you use it, all the time, in your life, every day. So after you learn it all, you can still do the activations daily and the training as often as you feel called. You will always go to the NEXT LEVEL OF AWARENESS AND VIBRATION THAT IS OPTIMAL FOR YOU AT THIS TIME each time you use this!

This is a forever skill and a lifetime tool to be your new BFF! With over 45 daily guided video activations from 5 to 90 minutes long (in full-color illustrations) to pick from, you can tailor your activation to fit yours in the moment life. You have an enormous energy field. You have access to all the energy you need to manifest all you desire. You have created all you have now. Now is the time to manifest consciously! Everything you wish for deep in your heart is ready and waiting for you in the Infinite Field. Infinity Light Weaving gives you the tools to access it.

Infinity Light Weaving is the Key to unlock it! Infinity Light Weaving is the simple, elegant solution you have been seeking. Everything is guided, everything is visual everything is step by step. Applying a less than 10 minute routine to you day is going to change your life. What’s in the INFINITY LIGHT WEAVING plus Gratitude Infusion Package?

  • Infinity Light Weaving Process – Training video
  • What is My LightBody™ & LightBody™ Healing? Training Video – includes how can working with LightBody™ help me heal mind, past, body, anxiety, fears, manifest faster and grow spiritually?
  •  Infinity Light Weaving Awakening – Guided Encoding Experience – Video
  • Infinity Light Weaving Activation – Tool to Repeat Daily or as Needed – Video
  • Infinity Light Weaving Graphics, Encoded Images and Tools
  • Infinity Light Weaving Process EZ Charts and Checklists to Follow + 11 EZ Ways to Use ILW in Your Life
  • Gratitude Infusion LightBody™ Power Program: a Powerful Multidimensional Vibrational Medicine tool – Videos: 1 – Training Video, 2 – Activation Video
  • Gratitude Infusion LightBody™ Power Program Tools: Quick-Activation Guide, Colorful Encoded Chart, Exercises
  • Dozens More Video Trainings, processes & healings!
  • Gorgeous Full Color, energetically Encoded Learning Tools
  • PLUS!!! Instant access to 30+ Daily LightBody Activations on assorted topics are ready and waiting for you!
  • BONUS! UNHOOKING FROM “ATTACHMENTS” Watch anytime – A Powerful healing and class on “Attachments” and how to free yourself from them.
  • Infinity Light Weaving Learn and activate the Sacred Infinity Symbol and learn dozens of Cleanses and Processes – Training videos

WITH THIS SIMPLE YET POWERFUL TOOL YOU: RAISE VIBRATION, STATE, RATE, CONSCIOUSNESS! Reconnect & Cross Energy Flows in all bodies To MOVE slow, stuck, sluggish channels or energies. To DISSOLVE a block, or to reconnect the subject to their purpose, passion and Soul. BACK TO LIFE: I have used it to bring a person back to life (to their body and to choose to stay – without interfering with their free will) & their life purpose.

GOOD for depression, pain, overall energy and health, finding solutions, getting motivated, finding your ‘mojo” again, to increase focus or courage. To increase flow and connection.  From Raising your MOOD and Increasing Your Abundance to Decreasing Inflammation & Anxiety – This fuses the many currents and channels of energy in the LightBody™, back into one continuous, criss-crossing flow.

INFINITY LIGHT WEAVING is a conscious Energy, Light & Healing & Personal Growth System with Spiritual Ascension powers... showing you how to master your emotions and mind and to sense, direct and raise energy, mood, state and manifestations.

You have the power within – UNLOCK YOUR POWER with LIGHT WEAVING! PLUS!!! YOU GET ACCESS TO A “Power Program” – a deep healing program or remedy made up of many elements. Power Programs remind the bodies and all levels of YOU of the VIBRATION OF FUNCTIONAL PERFECTION VIBRATIONAL RATE of GRATITUDE is a mix of many vibrations combined into it’s own Signature Frequency. Other energies that contribute to the GRATITUDE STATE are Value and Meaning, Blessed/Blessing and Receptivity. It taps deeply into intuition and does not rely on conscious, physical proof to exist or grow. TRUST is a subtle yet foundational element of GRATITUDE.

To feel gratitude when one feels unhappy. victimized or stuck in a undesirable situation or relationship, means to TRUST that there is a higher purpose and let go of control, turn to the situation and feel gratitude despite uncertainty, lack of clarity or understanding. What Does Infinity Light Weaving do?

This HIGH VIBRATION SYSTEM goes past the mind, past the body and to the core of all ailments and challenges – to the SOURCE ENERGY and the PATTERNS that are directing that energy. You need to or aligns your energy to clear connection to your Soul Blueprint and activates & attunes your Soul Signature Frequency™ (your Soul’s ideal vibration for your purpose, happiness, power and healing).

This directly impacts all levels of your being, physical to subtle. Releasing past, pain, programs and parents (ancestral), healing, cleansing and rejuvenating, while discovering & transforming your Karmic contracts, patterns, beliefs, attachments – (what holds you back.)

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