Soul Reading Bundle


The bundle includes 3 Soul Readings (use anytime through 2022). + a bonus mini reading! PLUS Your 60-minute session will be extended to 75 minutes! $201 in Bonuses!

My famous Soul Readings are also on sale in a handy Soul Reading bundle at a special price. So many people get these throughout the year that we bundled it for you to be ready for support and healing at your key moments in life.

Private, virtual and recorded. Intuitive Reading & Channeled Guidance & Energy Cleanse
Readings are deep and contain deep insights, guidance and profound messages. It’s optimal to get one a month or during major events and shifts like the new year, birthday, cosmic events and when you are ready for a new reality and lifestyle.
● A Deep Reading + LightBody Scan & insights into your energy makeup, purpose, and blocks. Live & Recorded for you
● Extended to 75 minute, virtual, live, recorded

“Wow, you are really talented! You are right on and so accurate.
That was amazing!” – Alara Canfield – The Alara Canfield Show, Austria on Akasha doing live readings on air.

“Everything you said was 100% accurate. It was amazing how you
could see what so clearly my life and challenges in my energy field.
Those 3 lives you saw really had an impact on me.” W. Belgium



Receive guidance and connection about your energetic and karmic makeup – these are deep and detailed. An excellent way to know where you are and what’s next.

Done live together on Zoom and recorded for you to repeat and take notes.

You will receive a reading and channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self or Soul. Includes a LightBody energy healing and messages from your body, higher self, guides and other selves…

This is guidance and alignment for you to live your purpose joyfully NOW.

“No one has ever seen me so clearly. What a healing and loving experience.
I love how you see what I see and more…” JB, Illinois, USA

“Everyone needs one of these insightful readings. I had no idea the detail
and depth to which you can see. It was truly amazing…” D.B. USA

“That was the most fun thing I have ever done in my whole life!” M. T. USA

The powerful details that come through in a Soul Reading are unique to each person and powerfully reveal blocks, solutions, guidance and powers.

In a Soul reading it is common for other parts of your Soul (commonly known as “past” or parallel lives) come forward wanting to communicate or complete something. One client even had several lives come together with specific instructions on how to stand in a sacred pattern and re-activate powers he had.

“The detail, accuracy and vivid experience
of this reading really blew me away!” WH

Your LighBody holds patterns and stories, information and more and it is revealed to us as we connect in the Infinity Healing Chamber at the safe and high vibration of infinity.
Soul readings are incredible healings and reveal key insights, old Soul contracts and offer completion.

One client discovered his purpose in this life and it aligned with what he secretly wanted even though everyone around him was saying he ‘should’ do something else. He felt pushed to listen to others, thinking that was telling him his path, when in fact inside he felt he would “die” if he followed that path.

Confirmation and understanding of his blueprint affirmed his hearts guidance was right, and energy rushed into him and lifted him up so he could unplug from what others think.

Another reading revealed a clients powers she was ready to remember and reclaim from several other lives. A key to her purpose came in the form of realizing deaths in 3 other lives that resulted in a vow and pattern that severely held her back in finances and love now.

Another client was given a gorgeous ceremony with powerful guides of light and a 7 day ritual to do, another received healings and saw past lives that were a mirror of this life, opening up so much release and relief and a process to do.

My Soul readings include a scan of your Lightbody (all levels of you), communication with your higher self, body and other lives.

In Soul Readings visions come to me and reveal blocks so you can rise to a higher frequency.

In a recent reading my client was reconnected to her childhood self and begun to feel safe and another had new animal spirit guides honor her work and freed her of old heaviness and gifting her their quality of detachment.

I see all kinds of amazing things in your LightBody during a Soul reading and I invite you to rise up and align with your purpose in this moment.

What an amazing gift a Soul Reading is for yourself and those you love!

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