Intuitive Manifesting Process



Start to Create What you Desire Today! Get Instant access to this workshop and to the Intuitive Manifesting  Process!

Create a life you love! Learn to be the creator of your reality by aligning to your inner guidance. Intuition and manifestation go hand in hand. It’s time to allow your inner wisdom, gifts, talents and strengths to be your guide to manifesting the life of your dreams.

You are designed to create a lifestyle that uplifts you. You are meant to be happy, healthy, rested, relaxed, creative and joyful.

I have the answer! In this Instant access 5 hour video workshop I show you how to MANIFEST what your heart is calling you to!

STOP THE WAITING! We will go through powerful processes and step by step prepare you to receive the reality you desire.

You Can START RIGHT NOW to manifest and change your life dramatically! I take you into the core energy you carry to find the cause of your lack, loss and blocks to creating the money, love, happiness, job, house etc your spirit calls you to.

Does manifesting a job, house, money, fulfilling relationships or a true love feel hard? Then this is the antidote!

Do you feel tired from chasing what you want, working too hard, never feeling fulfilled? You are already designed for inner guidance and support… stop chasing and start receiving.

Do you feel like you do it all yourself and still it doesn’t work out? You can leave the “poor girl” identity behind now and

You were designed to live the life your Soul intended, so time to LET GO of the past, pain, limits, lack and fear and step into the truth of who you are!

The INTUITIVE MANIFESTING Workshop is the answer to creating the life your Soul intended! It’s waiting for you right now on video

You will uncover the energy blocks to receiving, abundance and worthiness that exist in your mind/emotions/cells/finances/relationships…

You will reconnect with your natural powers, inner guidance and open to solutions you never knew were there.

We will align you with the support and inner guidance you require to flow into a new prosperous reality that lifts you up, heals you and brings inner peace and joy!

You can learn this all in only ONE DAY or take it at your own pace with this MANIFESTING Workshop on Video.

Step 1 – Discovering WHAT you want to MANIFEST now with a worksheet and a guided meditation to attune you to your highest good and what is optimal for you at this time.

Step 2 – Uncover & Transform your BLOCKS to manifesting what you want – fears, beliefs, mind programs, emotional blocks and even ‘past life’ and soul level contacts and vows that have been invisible. Including Family and ancestral patterns of lack that precent you from success and happiness.

Step 3 – MANIFESTING Process #1: A guided process to contact the inner guidance and outer resources to begin to create what you want (what is optimal for you at this time aligned to your highest good). 

Step 4 –  INTUITIVE MANIFESTING Process #2: The final process that will give you the sensations and attune you to your ‘future’ ideal reality.

After we do all this we will share and you can ask me about anything to do with your next steps and what you saw and received.

Listen to your inner guidance and manifest in the most miraculous, magical ways! Instead of you doing all the hard work, let your Soul’s blueprint show you the way and open doors where all you saw were walls!

You receive all The Intuitive Manifesting Manual with charts, guides and encoded graphics so you can repeat the process for anything you want to manifest!
Includes ALL recordings on video and audio, all guided processes and cleanses.



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