Intuition Accelerator Practice & Play Group

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Do you want to community and a loving space where you can feel safe practicing your intuitive gifts?

Are you ready to keep expanding your gifts, self trust and get the answers you are Are you longing for new tools, new experiences, and new avenues to receive guidance, healing, and communication from your highest self?

Is your heart calling you to something bigger?

The Intuition Accelerator Practice & Play Group is now open for All Intuition Awakening Students

This is the first time such a loving, pure, powerful space has been created for authentic awakening to your natural talents, and true Divine nature. You are invited to join this monthly group for intuition accelerating play, processes and practice as a student in an Intuition Awakening course.

2023 Intuition Accelerator DATES & TIMES
Starts April 6, 2023 for 3 Months

Join me for Intuition Play, Practice, Sharing, Readings and ANYTHING you need in the moment. You bring the topic and we do intuition awakening, scans, readings and translation practice.
We will meet twice a month, once on a Thursday and once on a Saturday in April, May and June 2023. Anyone in Intuition Awakening Course may join for $53 x 3 months or pay in full for $148

Dates & Times in CST
April 6 @12 Noon -3pm
April 22 @ 10am – 12:30pm
May 4 @12 Noon -3pm
May 20 @ 10am – 12:30pm
June 1 @12 Noon -3pm
June 17 @ 10am – 12:30pm

“So very, very grateful for this beyond remarkable course.  :pray::skin-tone-2::pray::skin-tone-2::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::pray::skin-tone-2::pray::skin-tone-2:
L.H. Intuition Awakening Graduate

You are ready in this moment to release and allow the past perceptions, blocks, and beliefs go and enter the now moment of your true intuitive nature.

I have created this group by the request of the Intuition Awakening Class! The readings, processes, tools, space, people and most especially the practice and play sessions have been “phenomenal”, “Unlike anything I have ever experienced”

Our intuition awakening training has been so phenomenal, and people are awakening and releasing fear and entering into joy and peace and happiness in such a powerful way that they’ve asked for us to stay together to continue to create a safe container to practice our intuitive gifts.

“The readings are wonderful! I feel so positive seeing how far
I’ve come in only 6 weeks gives me so much confidence! I am calmer,
being more in the present and less reactive. I have so much more confidence
and do not engage in emotions of others. I feel so loved and nurtured in this space”
Z.C – USA Intuition Awakening Graduate

You may pay for the full 3 months of sessions or pay monthly HERE. This beautiful community for practicing and playing with your intuitive gifts is a loving space and we will journey together through eclipse season and into the Sumer solstice.

The people who have gone through the experience in this class know how incredibly valuable this loving space is.

I’m betond grateful for the past 5 weeks. I’ve learned so much and
feel so honored and blessed have had the opportunity to bee a part of this amazing group.
Nan is seriously the most magical fairy godmother I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
I’m quite sad that we are all done with class.  I’m also very blissful feeling from this amazing experience.
I can’t wait to listen to everything over and over in the weeks going forward🌻
Thank you🌸Thank you🌻Thank you💐Magical blessings to you all.
– G.S. USA Intuition Awakening Graduate

You will get to practice and play and increase your abilities and confidence! I will use the first 10-15 minutes of each session to bring in a message or share a new intuition accelerating the process for you.

Then we will spend 2.5 hours doing readings and receiving messages, sharing, deciphering. This is not a class or curriculum, it is what you need and where you get practice intuitively creating your life. I will do readings lead readings and you will get

“so much excitement hearing all of these juicy readings:rainbow::tulip::two_hearts: G.S.

All calls are recorded for you to re-listen to and take notes of readings you do for others and ones that are done for you.

“I have been having a lot more “knowings” lately.
I always had them but they have been growing.

I have been inviting them to become stronger.
They have been which is exciting.

Sky, Intuition Awakening Graduate

All calls are 2.5 hours and include an intui activation that will  new intuition process, cleanse, tool or message and help from Akasha on translating and clarifying. All recordings are yours for life.

All calls are live with Akasha on Zoom and recorded for your permanent library.

This has been SUCH a loving, amazing experience and everyone is OVER THE MOON on their confidence, progress and the beautiful space we create for the practice and play!

“today I followed a feeling and allowed myself to express how I felt…
It was the most comfortable I have been with expressing such feelings.
The energy of the day has been great. Also, I have been hearing someone
talk to me since we started the camp.
Much clearer than anything I have heard in the past on a consistent basis.”

K.P. Intuition Awakening Graduate


The Intuition Awakening Community is overflowing with joy, love, truth, support, clarity, healing. We are aligning with higher truth and wisdom, more calm, clear communication with our Divine path, Higher selves, angels, spirit guides, our bodies and our minds.

“I too have noticed increased telepathic skill with those I am close too.”
S.W. Intuition Awakening Graduate

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