Soul Deep Dive – Retrieval Past Lives Healing + Shamanic Journey


This is my #1 Private Session and can be used for any situation, occasion.
Excellent for birthday, anniversary readings, career planning, healing the body, mind, spirit, discovering your purpose, prosperity blocks and even visit other lives and stars as we travel your soul blueprint and reconnect you to your optimal state.
answers from the invisible realms, your guides angels and higher self. The most powerful experience for awakening you to your true path and powers.Private, virtual and recorded. Intuitive Reading & Channeled Guidance & Energy Cleanse & Shamanic Journey – Soul work on all levels with a Master Healer & Cosmic Shaman.Readings are deep and contain deep insights, guidance and profound messages. It’s optimal to get one a month or during major events and when you are ready for a new reality and lifestyle. You can book your sessions weekly, or as needed.To do deep work and get goals accomplished or past pain released, book weekly sessions as long as needed. This is a Deep healing, Reading, shamanic journey, past life , soul retrieval – you name it, if it is optimal, we will do it –  There are no limits in this session. You will discover the most important elements of your mission, purpose, other lives and receive a multidimensional  LightBody Scan & alignment which will give us insights into your energy makeup, purpose, and blocks. Live & Recorded for you. You will be using the audio many times for healing and more.
● 60* minute, virtual, live and recorded

“Wow, you are really talented! You are right on and so accurate.
That was amazing!” – Alara Canfield – The Alara Canfield Show, Austria on Akasha doing live readings on air.

“Everything you said was 100% accurate. It was amazing how you
could see what so clearly my life and challenges in my energy field.
Those 3 lives you saw really had an impact on me.” W. Belgium