Iguana INTUITION Journey with the Ancients


Reclaim your intuitive abilities with this Journey to the Ancients & Intuitive Awakening with Iguana. A divine feminine energy journey.
A guided audio and sound healing (A 60 minute guided journey & sound healing + additional 30 minutes of music designed just for iguana).

Iguana Spirit Animal Guide is a symbol of your readiness to enter a new level of personal power and intuitive abilities! Iguana is an ancient consciousness that can calmly lead you out of confusion, overwhelm or struggle. Iguana will guide you back into your own flow and re-connect you to “Above & Below” awareness, a key to manifesting and enjoying life. Iguana energy represent full intuitive awareness while also being one with their environment.
Iguana energy is ancient Dragon energy and is filled with untapped strength. Their deep intuitive insight is going to open you to the stillness and the ability to blend with your environment. Iguana shows how stillness, Kindness and understanding open new solutions. Iguana is here to remind you that meaning is key. Iguana asks you what makes you happy? Are you seeking that bliss and harmony that is your unique joy?
Iguana spirit guide wants you to trust your intuition and insight and will take you on a journey to stop the busyness and be still.
Iguana energy is about acceptance. They seem to do nothing, and yet they watch everything. Their keen vision and full presence in their bodies allow them to communicate physically and intuitively. Seek balance between relax and work and retreat from the busyness into the harmony of iguana. Ask and Iguana will show you the way. Iguana uses their tongue to listen, to look, and to taste their environment and will help you deepen your senses and drop out of your mind.

Each Animal Spirit Guide journey is different, with music, a theme, and a rhythm all its own.

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