Feathered Serpent SHED & INNER EYE Journey


Feathered Serpent Spirit Guide is a POWERFUL totem and a guide back to your spiritual truth. 

Journey of Transformation & Shed the Past, Awaken the Lifeforce & Open the Inner Eye


This guided Shamanic Journey with Serpent is a truly powerful guide through all the changes and massive transformations in your life and on the planet.

The serpent, or snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Snakes were revered as powerful or “gods” due to their ability to SHED THEIR SKIN… and renew. Be one with the earth and move in flow. Serpents are also seen as ‘pathways to enlightenment”, imitating the movement of sound waves and the transformation from physical to spiritual.
Open your Inner Eye – the God Horus, the Uraeus, the Snake on the crowns and over the 3rd eyes of gods/goddesses/royalty and the awakened 3rd eye is represented by Wadjet, the Egyptian Goddess. Here you see her in the classic eye of God, the snake coming from the ‘Inner eye” (pineal/pituitary spiritual glands) out of the forehead to manifest your inner visions into the world.

In this powerful shamanic journey, you will reclaim your higher purpose because you will ‘shed’ the OLD (thoughts, self image, beliefs…) and re-member your spiritual nature (represented by feathers or wings).Many highly evolved, yet connected civilizations have places the Serpent has the most honored Animal Spirit Guide. The Maya (Kukulkan), Aztec (Quetzlcaotl), Egyptians and even the ancient Toltec and Atlanteans had sacred temples to connect and communicate with the energies and power of this Animal Spirit guide of TRANSFORMATION.

Snakes represent the Kundalini, life force or Chi, that runs up the center of your body from the 8 original cells that hold your blueprint, to feed the 3rd eye. This is called the Staff of Hermes or the Caduceus, the symbol of western medicine -the 2 snakes intertwining up a staff. Hindu God Vishnu was protected and connected to infinity through Shesh Nag, the 5 headed cobra that he sat on and who protected him. The tradition of the power of life and enlightenment through the powers the serpent teaches is long and ancient. You now, get to shed the old, open the inner eye with this power.

What better way to begin the end of the year and decade then by SHEDDING the old with the guidance and power of the Sacred Serpent guide! Allow yourself to trust and letting go so you become a new you fully connected to your highest self, and reclaim your crown of feathers (spiritual power).

A 60 minute guided journey & sound healing + additional 30 minutes of special music designed to help you shed and awaken.

It is a multi-sensory guided audio that takes you deeply out of your conscious reality and allows you to travel to other realms, and find new solutions, understanding, and a powerful new self-image.

Animal Spirit Guide Journeys are a sensory experience to heal mind, body, and spirit and align you with your true self, your purpose, and clarity. Receive messages, support and protection in a sacred cocoon for your metamorphosis.
Allow pain, problems, programs, and limiting beliefs fall away as you cleanse clear and renew in each multidimensional experience.

Channeled guidance, beautiful music, energy healing and shamanic elements (rattles, breath, rain sticks, flutes …) add to the deep process Akasha has created over decades as a healer, hypnotherapist, and homeopath and used with hundreds of clients and students worldwide.

Each Animal Spirit Guide journey is different, with music, a theme and a rhythm all its own.

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