Dolphin Bliss Recalibration High-Frequency Healing Audio


This Dolphin Bliss audio healing is one of the most high-frequency healings that I’ve had the honor of bringing to you. This is a simple and easy to use recalibration of your vibration or emotional state at the moment. You will use this over and over for many many years.
There are 3 audios – the music alone, the Intro and instructions and the Full guided experience with music (60 min).

Each time you put on your headphones and lay or sit comfortably the dolphins will come to assist in this healing that is encoded into this 60-minute healing.

As with all of my healings, this is multidimensional and goes to every level of your being, in any time, space, or life. 

This audio is encoded with very high-frequency vibrational healing, so it goes to all levels of you (even “past lives ” and other parts of your soul, karmic knots, soul contracts, and past wounds still stuck). The secret to all forms of healing, manifesting, and living consciously on our own path is two free, raise, recalibrate, and uplevel our energy.

You are being made of energy and light and you carry with you wounds from the past fears in the emotional field limiting mindsets and beliefs in the mind all these and more currently Block you from being at the level of awareness and purpose that you are ready for. 

This healing will free you from pain, guilt, shame, disappointment, craving, depression, regret, blame, anger, and all the states that keep you a prisoner in your past. The dolphins can see all your energy – in the body, mind, emotional field and chakras, etc. as they scan you, ow, heavy, unhealthy states of consciousness.

Whatever is stuck, it will loosen, whatever is disconnected or is no longer needed is rewired. The dolphins are masters of vibrational medicine and they form relationships and past failures and free you to rise to joy and play and self-love. 

Enjoy this very profound vibrational medicine and healing and receive the dolphin recalibration and love. The beautiful thing is that when the dolphins come to scan, transmute, and reconfigure your energy-light body they raise you from wherever you are into a state of bliss.

Be sure each time you use this that you take time afterward to come back into your body bring your bliss with you and make sure that you’re fully connected into the now moment before you try to move into your day.

You might feel high or lightheaded as you acclimate to your new vibrational state. Each time you do this you raise your vibration and increase your capacity for higher levels of communication, connection, and manifestation.

The Dolphins are here to remind you of who you truly are. They always tailor the recalibration to exactly what is optimal for your highest good at this time.

Each time you repeat this you will discover that you have a different experience or connection or you will deepen your transformation, intuitive senses, and abilities. You will be able to sense and feel what is being recalibrated, rewired, rerouted, and renewed in your body, mind, emotions, and all fields of your luminous beings more each time.

The dolphins may appear in your life in more ways, they may call to your heart, and be open to their highly conscious, loving energy. They want to help free you so you can play as your true self and live your purpose with joy.


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