Dolphin Spirit Guide JOY & BLISS Journey


Dolphin: The journey of JOY & Remembering your BLISS – Guided Audio with sound healing music (60 min)


Dolphin: The journey of Joy & Remembering your Bliss  Animal Spirit Guide Healing Meditation with messages

SPIRIT GUIDE JOURNEYS with Akasha & Transformative & Loving Spirit Guides

Dolphins are highly conscious energy healers and powerful healing guides. I have worked with them and done healing work on and with them. Their ability to recalibrate and heal is stunning and you get to experience it over and over with this audio.

Dolphins use PLAY to raise your vibration higher and higher so you can access the abundance of Joy and the serenity of bliss.

This audio guides you on a journey into the world of the loving dolphin and will inspire, rewire and heal you beyond what your mind and hard work can achieve. You can start right away with this instant download. It is a multi-sensory guided audio that takes you deeply out of your conscious reality and allows you to travel to other realms, and find new solutions, understanding, and a powerful new self-image.
“Spirit Guide Journeys” are a sensory experience to heal mind, body, and spirit and align you with your true self, your purpose, and clarity. Receive messages, support and protection in a sacred cocoon for your metamorphosis.

Allow pain, problems, programs, and limiting beliefs fall away as you cleanse clear and renew in each multidimensional experience.

Channeled guidance, beautiful music, energy healing and shamanic elements (rattles, breath, rain sticks, flutes …) add to the deep process Akasha has created over decades as a healer, hypnotherapist, and homeopath and used with hundreds of clients and students worldwide.

Each Animal Spirit Guide journey is different, with music, a theme and a rhythm all its own.

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