Awaken Your 360 Senses
(video class with sensory games & upgrades and audio activation)

“Awaken Your 360 Senses” will uplevel your awareness of your multi-sensory nature. You are multidimensional meaning you exist and have conscious awareness in many dimensions. You can be in your mind far way (mental dimension or body) and in this moment feeling fear (emotional body or dimension).

This is an awakening experience first for your mind and logical side then for your subtle intuitive side.

Includes A Video class with sensory games and sensory upgrade exercises, safe space setting declarations & a guided Audio activation to consciously connect you to your multiple senses and awaken them.

Watch the video to learn, understand, tune in and receive declarations and intentions to turn on and awaken more of your 360 senses.

Then repeat the audio Sensory awakening experience daily or often to create a deep shift in your ability to sense, perceive and receive messages, guidance, information, solutions through more of your senses. It is a healing and journey and expansive energy cleanse and upgrade that you can keep developing with repetition.

Once you awaken your 360 senses, you will be on a path of revelation. The world will open up, become richer and you will receive more, and feel more connected to infinite possibilities.

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