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February 2024
INSTANT ACCESS: The Sacred Past Life Guides & Mentors with the most relevant and powerful Guides and Magical Mentors (from any realm – plant, crystal, fairy, goddess…) from your SOUL & LightBody. Crack open the codes of your Soul Blueprint and access the treasure you have been waiting for. There is wisdom. here you have never felt the depth and strength of. 
Feb 19 @5pm Central: of the Under-Inner-Shadow World with Balam my Sacred Black Star Jaguar Guide, and Wise sacred feminine guides including:
Gaia, Innana, Persephone, Jaguar Medicine Woman,

February Sacred Spirit Guide Circle Meditation: Walk in your Shadows & Open the Door of Your Light
with the Sacred Feminine Guides in the Under-Inner-Shadow World with Balam my Sacred Black Star Jaguar Guide

The Spirit Guides we work with in our sacred space are abundant, wise, loving, reliable and know how to help bring you just what you need to embrace your fully funded mission in this life.

“Wow, you are really talented! You are right on and so accurate.
That was amazing!” – Alara Canfield – The Alara Canfield Show, Austria on Akasha doing live readings on air.

“Everything you said was 100% accurate. It was amazing how you
could see what so clearly my life and challenges in my energy field.
Those 3 lives you saw really had an impact on me.” W. Belgium