Sacred Spirit Guide Circle Monthly Readings, Messages, Healings

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Join this Sacred Circle to Communicate with your Spirit Guides in any time or place, even your past lives!
You can Join for the year and save $52 or monthly and cancel anytime. We meet 2x a month. It is only $26/mo

“Wow, you are really talented! You are right on and so accurate.
That was amazing!” – Alara Canfield – The Alara Canfield Show, Austria on Akasha doing live readings on air.

“Everything you said was 100% accurate. It was amazing how you
could see what so clearly my life and challenges in my energy field.
Those 3 lives you saw really had an impact on me.” W. Belgium



ALL NEW! A fun and powerful new way to stay in flow with your soul’s messages, your Angel’s guidance, the healing of nature spirits and your destiny’s messengers!

Get a BIG Discount and join for 1 Year & receive a Personal 10 minute reading on a special group call!



Join this Sacred Circle & Temple of Light co-created with Jaguar-Dolphin Love & with the Spirit Realms & Gaia.

You will begin to open an endless, joy-filled journey with the infinite number of possible guides as we travel between the worlds, aligned to our soul’s highest song.

Animal, Angelic, Crystal, Elemental, Fae & Celestial realms, god/dess, Ascended Master, Star Mentor, Akashic Record and Time Keeper, Color or Ray of Creation, Any Symbol or light language.

We create such a powerful light antennae that we can communicate with any OPTIMAL

All the many Earth Realms including Nature spirits, fairies, elves, middle earth, Lemurians, Atlanteans, and Ancient ancestors who carry wise medicine for our evolution now.

Magical Realms are also powerful messengers that we play with. Receive messages, healings and guidance through high frequency soul medicine with Unicorns, Mermaids, dragons (2024 is a Dragon year) and connect to relevant messages for your current wishes.

There is a WIDE VARIETY of spirit guides that may come through, and when you enter in this space you will also receive this soul medicine to help you receive more messages for yourself. It is also encoded onto the recordings. 

1 – TWO Live group calls a month (+ video & audio recordings) (75 minutes) including readings the last 20 min
2 – ONE Monthly Spirit Guide Soul Medicine Healing (different guides each month. Recorded with music 10-20 minutes Arrives between 1-5th of each month for use during the month).
3 – Energy Healing transmission to everyone in the Group each week
4 – Bonuses, surprise meditations and more…

Sign Up Bonus: Meet Your Dolphin Spirit Guide Audio ($22)

WHEN: 7pm Central 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

Sacred Messengers Circle Spirit Guide Messages Live will be online on zoom and recorded on video and audio for you to access within 24 – 48 hours.

Twice a month you enter sacred circle with me in a brilliant 5-D Temple of Light co-created with my Ancient Spirit Guides Balamku, Mayan Black Star Jaguar, the goddess/guide to the Ancient Mayan medicine path and the Joyous Dolphin Realms, and my master Dolphin Soul Healing guides.

I connect to any OPTIMAL realms for the highest good of ALL concerned at this time – so we are protected and supported on our individual and group soul paths!

Animal, goddess, planet, life, flower, elemental… that is OPTIMAL and we ALL get the energy to use for what is happening right now.

In this private group circle you will receive group channeled messages, healings, blessings, wisdom downloads, energy healings and powerful messages, and soul medicine from Spirit Guides and Divine Messengers!

There is soul medicine (medicine is the energy, personality, quality, power and personality of the realm, being or guide) in the sacred space light structure and the spirit guides from my council, Jaguar & Dolphin spirit guides and any other spirit guides or energies that are optimal and relevant to that day, will all be present.

You will learn so much in these without an agenda, because that we trust in our messengers in the moment o create a miraculous experience, full of magic beyond our imaginings! You will actually clear out the old the more you come to this divine space because it realigns you and attunes you, like a light antennae, to new channels of juicy joy and delightful possibilities.

I will begin to share more keys to the mysteries and your powers and about common questions like:

– What is medicine/energy in a message or from a messenger/guide?
– How do I know if a messenger is really right for me?
– How do I trust myself that I got the message right?
– How do I translate the message, sign or synchronicity?
– Am I really designed to be supported and guided all the time?

And so much more…

NO, never the same. The Spiritual cosmic weather is never the same, we are evolving fast and our situation, thoughts and feelings are never the same.

ALL Calls are 100% unique, unscripted, freshly channeled and received in the moment.
During each gathering I will tune into the energies, co-create the space, bring in any messages from my council the Dolphins jaguar medicine and any special cosmic energies in that moment. I have fine tuned my intuitive network over the years and continue to upgrade to be the clearest channel for the highest good of all concerned, and aligned to the LIGHT through the ONE HEART.

Each session will have completely new spirit guides and theme (that is determined by the energies and spirit guides). I will receive global, group and personal messages. realignments, messengers and even ‘past’ life and soul retrievals.

There are councils for the Dolphins and Cats, there are councils of the Nature Spirits, Animal spirits and even the earth elementals and celestials.

Healing is becoming whole with your true soul purpose and life path. During these sessions vibrational medicine will come through me and the chamber and you may experience heart, soul, body and LightBody Healings. I will be called to perform Light Weaving, Dolphin Aura Cleanses and joy baths, spirit guide love letters or hugs… all of these and more could come in to any session.

I stay current the cosmic energies and the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL CONCERNED AND YOUR SOUL PURPOSE.

Jaguar & Dolphin my co-creators will be present in all gatherings and you will receive healing and attunements from them the entire time you are in the sacred space.


Since there is no time or space, once you are a Sacred Circle member, you will be included in all healings and experiences, and this is powerful!

I will always include you in the sacred space, healings and activations if you are in the circle, yet not live in 3D, as we enter to commune with the Spirit Guide Councils.


I am a 37 year spiritual teacher, seeker, Seer and healer. I have worked with thousands worldwide who have said I am a “heart chakra with legs”, I have the “uncanny ability to see through to any challenge”, I am ’the fairy godmother of money… etc” and I see them like no one ever has and am like “Abraham Hicks on steroids”… all according to my clients.

I am a Jaguar Vision Medicine Woman, Shamanic traveler and Dolphin Communicator & healer. I have spent over 35 years going through massive ups and downs, dying and healing myself and others. My daughter died, I lost everything in an epic divorce and I was disowned.

Through my life path these trials were part of my Soul journey. I have retrieved my medicine, power and purpose. I have reactivate my psychic gifts and upgraded my intuitive channels. I have studied with shaman on 3 continents and 3 mystery schools, and have been communicating with the spirit and fairy realms since I was a child.

The animals came to me first and have been incredible healers, guides and medicine for me. The water spirits and the nature spirits and elementals we always a part of my world and still resonate with my cells.

My communication channels and the healing powers that came through them really took a leap 34 years ago with nature, animals, weather and time, as the mysteries began to unlock for me.

My spiritual training has been deep and intense in this life and others, it is my purpose to go through the path first, then guide. I have been attuned to many languages of light, had my communicator crystals activated.

Initiations into the mysteries has allowed me to channel, see, hear and travel time/space/dimensions. I have communicated with animals and animal spirit guides, ancient kingdoms, wise elders, ancestors, elementals, plants, celestials and more.

My experiences, ceremonies, initiations, visions, healings and more have aligned me with hundreds of forms of communication. Thousands of messages and downloads, visions, healings  many from ancient and future lives of mine or students have come through to co-create a non stop stream of potential spiritual guidance

I am a master LightBody and energy healer, intuitive and visionary.

These are the deepest, most amazing sessions that adapt to exactly what is optimal for your highest good.

This is guidance and alignment for you to live your purpose joyfully NOW.


“No one has ever seen me so clearly. What a healing and loving experience.
I love how you see what I see and more… JB, Illinois, USA

RECENT MESSAGES CALL: “Love you Nan! I loved the snake card you read for me. Very appropriate to what I am going through definitely will look at the violet ray! Very helpful, wise and so inspiring. as always. Send you a lot of gratitude and love” Olga Roussel

“Everyone needs one of these insightful readings. I had no idea the detail and depth to which you can see. It was truly amazing… D.B. USA

“That was the most fun thing I have ever done in my whole life!” M. T. USA

“The detail, accuracy and vivid experience of this reading really blew me away!” WH

♥♥. ♥♥  ♥♥  ♥♥

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