Meet your Guardian Power Angel


A private 1-1 deep 90-minute session where you will meet and connect to the most powerful angel present for you right now – often your Guardian Angel or an Archangel might come through. I will cleanse, clear, and connect you, and we will journey with your angel. You will have your own sensorial experience that changes you in your cells and soul. Beyond receiving healing and guidance, this journey will reconnect you to your purpose and visions, clarity, and inspiration in a multi-sensory way. You may be taken to other times or to your Akashic records. You may be given a new mission or shown your true purpose. This is a powerful experience that will shift you forever. You will come away with a new way to connect and communicate with your power/guardian angel that you can repeat daily.

You will be enlightened and delighted to connect in a new way and hear what’s ready for you!

Done live online and recorded on audio for you to repeat, take notes and reconnect.


Do you want to dramatically INCREASE your connection to the Angels? 

I have been amazed at how truly tangible and present the Angels and Angelic realms have been in private sessions and in the Angels of Abundance Class.

I have seen dramatic shifts in prosperity, peace, and feeling their presence. Yours are waiting, I know, they come in fast and detailed

The Angels of Abundance encounters have drawn us all into a magical world. People are repeating the encounters and experiencing such calm and healing.

You get your own messages, deep healings, and amazing journeys.

The angels told us they are very near and really want us to recognize them. They will come into your life and be present, protective, and loving.

One person said, “I think I had a spiritual orgasm!”!

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