Money & Success Mind & Belief Rewiring Belief Audio


Money & Success Mind & Belief Rewiring Belief Transformation Audio with Akasha
A Deep Belief Transformation Audio of empowering, freeing and consciousness raising declarations around success, money, worthiness, your value and lack. Increase your ability to receive or ask for money, jobs, raises, opportunities and transform your self image form the inside out. Free yourself to be able to make, spend, give, grow and enjoy your money and success on your terms.

Simple to use! Just repeat out loud or in your mind as you listen while doing the dishes or walking.
Listen when you sleep – put it on loop it or replay mode and rewire your outdated programs effortlessly. Reprogram your mind, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, self image, and ability to live your purpose while enjoying prosperity, fulfilling jobs and trust in money rather than fear it.

You will begin to detach from the old heavy patterns that limit your income, sense of worth and relationship with money and prosperity and no longer serve your real talents and purpose. Repeat often and soon you will notice you automatically think positively about your success and value. You will naturally respond to opportunities and begin to attract more ways to joyfully make money and be yourself. Success on your terms means you live your higher purpose while fulfilling your physical life. Enjoy!

The audio is instantly downloadable for you to listen on your favorite device – phone, computer notebook.
15 minutes or 30 minutes (repeated 2x) with my special music remix.

“I love your new brain rewiring for money recording! 
The music is fun and it’s all very uplifting :purple_heart:
Just know that you nailed it with your end result. 
It made me happy—the energy of your voice, the words,
and the music tracks (which added subtle variety) 
were all very encouraging, empowering, fun and 
filled with light and validation.  :blush::smiling_face_with_3_hearts: ” – Noel K