Mayan-Aztec New moon Eclipse Ceremony


This eclipse new moon is an important rebirth moment. Come with us into the deep dark to move through into the solstice which leads to the new year of unity 2022.

I will begin by leading a blessing and activation. We will call in the elementals all around us from the ocean to the sky to the ancestors and the powers of the earth mother to cleanse and protect us.

Then Cristian and Vianey will guide us into a ceremony with herbs, dances, and music.

The ceremony will last about 75-90 minutes Live and you will receive access to the video recording for 30 days

This ceremony is special because Cristian will be teaching you about how they used herbs and flowers for protection, psychic connection and healing.

I (Nan Akasha) will open the ceremony with a guided opening welcome meditation and we will share our new beach home yard and pool sacred space with you.

Thank you for supporting these amazing ceremony leaders. We love them dearly and have done many ceremonies together, in-person and online.

1pm Central on Sunday December 5, 2021 zoom.


Join us for a live Mayan-Aztec New moon Eclipse Ceremony live at my beach home and streamed Online.

My ceremony team will come to stay and bless the house and land. Cristian and will do some Sacred dances and share about the flowers and herbs used to heal, protect, open doors of perception and realms of ancient wisdom.

We will use special flowers and herbs to cleanse and tune into their energies. Cristian our Aztec ceremony leader will teach you the ancient traditions and how to make your own smudge.

Different herbs are used at different times of the year and especially this time of year during the dark time.

The new moon and expose is a double dry and dark Portal and we will pass through with our ancestors and nature spirits assisting us.

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