Sekhmet Goddess Sanctuary


Welcome to the Goddess Sanctuary

I enter this Sacred Space of Feminine Power in Reverence Gratitude, Presence & Love

Sekhmet and Bastet Activation in the Goddess Sanctuary


Power, Voice, Healing & Transformation of Anger into Love today with Sekhmet, an Egyptian lioness goddess… and her counterpart Bast

Sekhmet is the strong and powerful healer and uses her keen senses and voice (roar or purr) to resurrect, communicate and create.

She will pull our strength from the depths of our hearts and awaken our senses while showing us how to shapeshift, move through the ethers and detach from struggle, lack, drama, and pain.

I have been to Egypt twice and had the honor of doing deep activations alone with our group in temples, the pyramid, and sacred places. 

Her power to heal is tangible and enhanced by the intense energy imprinted in the stone and from the magical carvings and ceremonies and the collective focus honoring her.

Sekhmet reminds us how to move at one with the environment, alert yet relaxed, able to leap into action yet peaceful and present at other times.

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