Money & Wealth Esteem Alchemy – 8 Week Package


Money and Wealth esteem blocks, beliefs and soul contracts can keep you from abundance and self worth. This  package is for transforming and transmuting energy and power from old or stuck patterns (limiting, heavy and unserving beliefs, habits, programs) to empowering, uplifting and Soul oriented ones. When you intentionally commit to a quest to rediscover and transform pain programs you realign with your Soul’s blueprint and reclaim enormous strength, wisdom and purpose.

We use multidimensional Alchemy (the Souls power to transform “dark” into “light” and stuck into flow) to transmute any lack mentality or other energies living in your field and blocking your flow. Turn the lack of self confidence or a money rollercoaster into joyful self respect and watch the harmony, synchronicity and opportunity flow.
It is helpful if you can start Playsheet 1: Your Money Story – Write Your Past Limited Money story” before your session.

8 Week Soul Alchemy – Money & Wealth Esteem Package

  • 14 Hours (7 Hours per month x 2 months) of Private Sessions with Akasha


 8 Week Money & Wealth Esteem Private Session Package 3 PAYMENT PLAN BELOW

  • Week 1 – (2 hour Session)
    Money & Self Worth Pattern Discovery & Cleanse: Uncover energy binds, gags, vows, shackles, attachments to alchemize in this interactive session to reveal limiting Money & Wealth Esteem Patterns. Ends with a 30 minute LightBody TuneUP to unhook and cleanse the energy attachments uncovered
    Playsheet 1: Your Money Story – Write Your Past Limited Money story (instant download)
    Playsheet 2: Your Money Story – Write Your Family Money story & legacy (to prepare for the next session) (Instant download)
    Playsheet A: Rich/Poor Mind Money Belief Transformer
    During the week you work with the patterns that came up and worksheet 1 & 2 to uncover the limiting patterns that block money and self worth. 
  • Week 2 – (90 min Session)
    Karmic Family Money Cleanse & “Past” Life Journey (Family/Ancestral vows, contracts, pacts, agreements and binds):
    Discover the Origin of your deepest Money-Wealth Esteem Karmic Patterns, Pacts & Knots and receive a Money Cleanse (shame/guilt/fear). Clearing heavy, outdated and restrictive family, ancestral & cultural patterns frees your whole life and opens new choices, and states of being not accessible to you before.
    – Playsheet 3: Money Muse creation sheet
    – Playsheet A: Rich/Poor Mind Money Beliefs
  • Week 3 – (90 min Session)
    Meet your Money Muse & Melt Your Money Mask: Uncover and melt your “Money Mask” – the strongest limiting beliefs and unhealthy fear/lack based relationship with Money and Wealth Esteem living within your mind, emotions and body. These energies make up your current challenges and past heavy, fear based beliefs and relationship with money. Once we meet your Money Mask and complete your agreements and dissolve the energy attachments, the energy ties with the Mask melt and you are now free to meet your Money Muse! Create a clear connection and new empowering, reliable, trustworthy, supportive relationship with Money – fully manifest your muse and start a new relationship to cocreate your BlissLife with your Money Muse!
    – Playsheet 3: Money Muse creation sheet – now you have met your Money Muse you can go back to your sheet and deepen your relationship.
    – Playsheet 4: Write Your New Money Story & Wealth Esteem Self Image
  • Week 4 – (90 min Session)
    Wealth Esteem Self Image Creation & “Past” Life Power Journey: Discover the Life (lives) that hold the heaviest fears, patterns and shackles around your self esteem/value/love/worth and money/success/happiness that block your alignment with your Soul Signature Frequency and redesign your Wealth (Self) Image. 
    – Playsheet 4: Write Your New Money Story & Wealth Esteem Self Image – enhance from the session and mentally rehearse daily
    – Playsheet A: Rich/Poor Mind Money Belief Transformer update and prepare for the Money Belief transformer Session
  • Week 5 – (2 hour Session)
    “Flip Your Rich Switch” – Money Belief & ‘Past’ Life Contract Completion : Deep multidimensional journey to the past lives that hold the strongest negative money beliefs and energies. We will discover the unserving money agreements and complete them. We will unhook, release and transmute the mental and emotional patterns in your LightBody and beyond. This targets the hardest Money beliefs and states (like Money Guilt, Shame, Fear or slave, servant patterns…). Melt Money Energy Knots and open the flow. Break free from your “Money Manifesting Prison”. (2 hours)
    Playsheet A: Rich/Poor Mind Money Belief Transformer – update and practice new beliefs and mindsets to integrate rewiring your money mind and reprogramming your body and emotional field.
  • Week 6 – (90 min Session)
    Reboot Your Soul Purpose ‘Work’ – Akashic Records Code Retrieval and Soul Blueprint Discovery for Money & Self Worth with Business/Career: Uncover and reconnect to your soul blueprint in the area of sacred work and money flow. Find the WORK/RECEIVING BELIEFS beliefs that cloud your current life. Discover the career/business/powers/skills/talents your Soul Blueprint holds and the karmic skills and powers you are now ready to reclaim. Activate empowering Soul intended Money & Wealth Esteem Patterns. Includes a Light Antennae activation and Atlantean Scepter Light Weave to cleanse, clear and awaken a clear flow from your heart (4th chakra) through to Stellar Gateway (9th Chakra).
    Playsheet 5: Soul Blueprint Money & Self Worth
  • Week 7 – (90 min Session)
    “Flip Your Rich Switch” Wealth & Worthiness Belief & ‘Past’ Life Contract Completion
    Where do you hold beliefs and patterns that keep you from feeling worthy, abundant, and willing to receive. Complete and reclaim. 
    – Playsheet A: Rich/Poor Mind Money Belief Transformer update 
  • Week 8 – (90 min Session)
    Raise Your Wealth Vibration & Free Your Soul: Choose your ‘money vibe’ or ‘wealth state’ to match your truth. Travel the Sacred Path of Purpose with Your Higher Self & Money Muse: Deep Journey Opening the Flow of Opportunities, Cash and Joy and Melting Money Energy Knots that keep you from asking/seeing/trusting.  
  • + 4 – 15 Minute Check-in or Emergency Calls (2 per month)
  • + Emails & Texts as needed
  • + Special “Money” oriented Bonuses
  • All sessions recorded for your library


  1. Rich Mind Process Belief Transformation Sheet and Video
  2. Scale of Vibrational Consciousness States – PDF
  3. Video Training on Testing your State of Consciousness and Truth Testing
  4. Stress Eraser Audio
  5. Intro to Soul Sessions with Akasha 
  6. Infinite Self Meditation
  7. Two New Meditations (1 per month) – You or Akasha choose what is optimal for you
  8. $25 gift certificate to a retreat, class or session (good towards anything $200 or more)


14 Hours (7 Hours per month) of Private Sessions with Akasha 

Regular Payment Plan Available: $1555 per month paid before start & 30 days later  – email [email protected] or pay via paypal >here< 


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