RELEASED! Free Yourself from Fear, Stuck Patterns


Released!” Freedom class – Instant access

Everything is recorded on audio and video and you have access to all the replays forever. These cleanses, journeys, and healing activations are designed to be used over and over. Coming Live is awesome yet not required to benefit and break free. This is a vital releasing that will be accelerated at this time.

Today is the day to free yourself!


RELEASED!” Find & Transform Slave/Slavedriver Patterns and Free Yourself
Cleanse, uncover, release and rise out of old contracts, agreements, fears, vows and blocks, A New 6 Part Course with Akasha.

  • Six video and audio recorded experiences
  • These cleanses, journeys and healing activations are designed to be used over and over. 
  • +3 cleanses: LightBody Energy Cleanses are powerful energy medicine that free you on subtle levels of your being so you can think, act and accept at a higher level of consciousness and freedom. #1 “Soul Contract Cleanse”: Cleanse Past & Current Contracts, Agreements and vows you are negatively impacted by now. #2 “Retribution & Loss Cleanse”: Cleanse fear of retribution, death, punishment, loss. I often call this “Burned at the Stake Syndrome” because of the deeply embedded fears across the planet from the centuries of cruel abuse of power and manipulation.#3 “Prison & Bondage Cleanse”: Cleanse embedded patterns that act like ties, shackles, prisons and bondage in your life from financial, relationships, jobs, homes or self expression and self worth. 
  • +6 Shamanic Slave Pattern journeys to Uncover, Unwrap, and Transform Slave Patterns like slave to money, held back by being a slave what others think and not not speaking up, find lifetimes as a slave and free yourself and them.
  • Get a Freedom Kit! Use the forms, guidelines and tools to keep freeing yourself from stuck patterns, repeating habits and relationships and keep freeing yourself.  
  • Bonus! Instant Access: Guided Meditation “Infinite Self” Guided Activation with Akasha to prepare you to journey and begin to tap into what you will be when you are free. Important to soften the field before we start diving deep. Tune into the infinite field and your infinite potential and higher self and have a sensory experience awakening you to your Soul purpose, potential and guidance. Audio Download with sound healing music (50 Minute Activation + 30 Minutes of extra music to chill with at the end of the guided section = total 80 minutes).


RELEASED! Free yourself from Slave/Slavedriver Patterns

A journey of empowerment and realignment to purpose and power 

Slave Patterns we will work on include: Slave to Money, slave to survival, hard work, lack (not enough – never enough for you, you are never enough – constant striving) unfulfilled, blocked flow, money and success is controlled by others outside of you. A slave to what others think (say and do). Held back by others opinions and threats. Limiting your choices, expression and actions based on what others will think/do/say. Super common.  A Slave to fears of victimhood, not feeling good enough, ‘hands tied”, “hitched to”, helpless, powerless, optionless.   Slave to a job, career /work or lifestyle that you do not thrive in and does not suit your highest good. Doing what others want/think you should do or what you are good at, yet NOT what makes your heart sing. Slave to a relationship, your family beliefs, rules, ancestry, culture,
Explore other lives as a slave or slavedriver and free both/all of you!
Journey with the protection and guidance of Akasha & Your Higher Self into multidimensional experiences that include deep healings, releasings and reclamation. Dive into your Akashic records, ‘past’/parallel/simultaneous lives, vows, coul contracts, curses, embedded programs…
End stuck, blocked, helpless, powerless, fear of retribution or punishment, loss or pain patterns.
Travel to other lives and discover the slave lives, the decisions, agreements and vows you made that keep you limited and struggling now. Complete contracts that hold you in Slave/Stuck patterns in mind, belief, thought, emotion, physically, financially, spiritually, energetically, creatively and more…
Claim your freedom by reclaiming your power, strength and wisdom inside these lives and contracts and freeing yourself, your other lives and all alive on this planet throughout time and space.
Feel the strong calling and power in your heart to be free and to unlock the shackles and soar higher than ever before. Free yourself and you free your ancestors, the earth crystal kingdom, the air, water and elementals.
Imagine you releasing yourself from countless slave patterns of obligation, not speaking up, holding back full knowing and expression of your truth is going to end. You will accelerate and assist it in transforming now with the aid of the powerful energies we are in.
Experience 6 different journeys you can repeat over and over to go deeper and clear other lives and patterns for yourself and the planet.
Receive 3 Cleanses – energy, lightbody, multidimensional cleanses to use as often as you like to help you clear what you have uncovered and what is still sticky and attached, Use these to keep clearing the patterns until you have completely transmuted them and are operating in full flow with your freedom and purpose.
Increase your clear channels of communication to your higher self and learn to journey with ease, trust and power into your soul, akashic record and connect to other lives all aligned with what is optimal for you at this time.
Discover your bonds, chains and contracts that bind you in a slave pattern now and in other times. When you experience it for yourself and are guided through releasing yourself, you will feel the profound inner awakening to your multidimensional and eternal nature.
Receive deep understanding and insight by experiencing lifetimes as a slave or slavedriver and remembering the pattern that was formed, and free both of you. Use these journeys and cleas]nses over and over to keep clearing and increasing your freedom and power to create.Do you feel free?
Do you feel free to choose what you want to do, where you want to live, what work or job or business that you want to pursue? Do you feel free to express yourself without fear of retribution, criticism or loss? Do you feel free to express yourself in your clothes in your house in your colors and choose what you love to do in your free time?
Are you free? Are you able to be who you came here to be? Are you living a life of flow is in choices?
Or do you have people thoughts meanings attitudes and believes that limit you, keep you from fully expressing yourself, keep you from asking for what you want or to be paid or to receive more?
Are you completely free in mind, thought, action, choice in every area of your life? Mentally? Emotionally? FInancially?
Or do you feel black, stuck, trapped, like your hands are tied of your health back in some way?
Do you repeatedly work hard and suffer and still not received the rewards that you thought you were working towards or wanting? Do YOU FEEL
Held back
Not good enough
Afraid to speak up, ask, express truth, deserve, Suffering,
You have no options, resources or no choice…you have Slave patterns holding your full expression and life purpose back.
Then this course will help you break free. 

  • Your Freedom Kit includes this and more…

    • Freedom Release papers
    • Soul Contract Release form
    • Permission slip
    • Belief Transformation Sheet
    • Released! Emotional Ties & Energetic Bondage process form
    • 18 Chakra Chart
    • Heart Karma Cleanse Light Weave encoded image and process
    • The Violet Flame Cleanse
    • The Acceptance Process
    • Rays of Creation Chart
    • Write Your Limited “Slave” Stuck Story & Your Freedom Story Playsheet
    • Scale of Vibrational Consciousness and how to track your states and see where you are stuck or enslaved
    • Infinity Sacred Flow Full Color Encoded Graphic
    • Infinity Healing Chamber encoded image and how to create it 

    *Repeat the cleanses, journeys and classes as often as you like, every activation will be different and one will build on the last.

Each Slave Pattern Journey is different and channeled healing in the moment. They will have a theme and yet will unfold different for each person, each time. 

These journeys are multidimensional, and I am a guide who can healing, clear, guide and assist you. They include the clearing all levels of your LightBody and being from the mind, physical, emotional, financial… bodies plus Slave pattern Revealing, Deciphering, Unlocking, Healing, and contract Completing & Transforming and installing new agreements and beliefs. We find symptoms and where your body is reflecting, creating and attracting more pain, suffering and repeating disabled patterns. You will uncover the deeper purpose of Slave Patterns in the Soul Blueprint and receive the gifts, powers and strengths as you release, rewire, transform and complete them.

This is like mining for riches in you!
It’s time to find out what’s really keeping you enslaved! Join me now!


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