Your Spiritual Biz Online & Money Breakthrough Package – Private with Akasha

From: $850.00 / month for 3 months

Private Spiritual Biz & Money Breakthrough Package with Akasha. 1-1 virtual, recorded 8 session package with Akasha. Launch or Grow your Online, Virtual or In Person Healing-Lightworker-Love Based  BIZ! Launch & Grow a business based on your Soul’s destiny. Your Business has its own purpose and Akashic Records!

We will dive into your soul blueprint, talents, and money and success fears, powers, and purpose. We will see where you ahve been out of alignment with your true purpose and talents. Through a series of eight deep private sessions, worksheets, homework, and visioning We will uncover your map, your blocks, and reconnect, realign, and rejuvenate you on all levels of your light body.