Exploratory Healing Consultation


Confused about what is best for your optimal health and healing journey?

Get a Exploratory Healing Consultation including immediate action steps and recommendations to implement with Akasha

(90 minutes phone consult)

Pandemic, health crises, personal awakening, emotional overwhelm… It is a confusing time and the “old ways” are no longer working. Breakdowns, diseases, changes, and spiritual awakening are all creating massive transitions in body, mind, emotions, lifestyles, spirit, relationships, income, and more.

Healing Exploratory Consult + rec with Akasha 90 minutes.

Spend 90 minutes on the phone with Akasha and get insight, answers, solutions and relief!


This is not one size fits all, it is a very individualized experience that takes into account all of your being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, lifestyle, and your true purpose) to receive what is the next best step for you at this time.

Akasha will see what blocks, soul contracts, karmic, knots or embedded agreements beliefs, thoughts, habits, obligations, and patterns are actively keeping you from aligning with your true potential. She will text what supplements, processes, or remedies would benefit you and give you a recommendation at the end so you can begin your healing journey.

The session is not a full Soul or energy session, but a conversation and scan, testing, and directions on what to do next. It does include a LightBody Scan and cleanses which will help to calm and open your field for your next steps. You will leave with a better understanding of what is going on for you and an action plan.

Highly recommended for all ages and people.

Akasha draws from 35 years of experience and study from dozens of modalities and disciplines. As a Homeopath, certified in most natural and alternative modalities such as flower essences, homeopathy, vitamins, herbs, oils, radionics she draws from a vast toolbox to find the optimal tools for you at this time. She will test you personally and give you a range of options to implement right away and get the relief you seek.
As a graduate of over 25 energy medicine schools from Master Light Weaver, Master Level Reiki, Tellington Touch, Massage including 3 Mystery Schools, Akasha is an experienced clairvoyant, sentient and sensitive. She scans and sees your energy fields and connects to your highest good so that all that comes through aligns with your highest good and is ONLY what is OPTIMAL for YOU at THIS TIME.

Note: Akasha is not a Doctor and does not give you a diagnosis or medical advice. She will give you insights, options and many methods to complement whatever you are doing now. She will empower you to feel more safe ad solid in your situation and you can choose to work deeper with her if you wish, but there is no obligation or pressure to sign up for anything. This is true healing for your whole beautiful self.

TESTIMONIAL FROM LINDA: “Oh my goodness where has Nan been all my life! A few days after our session my stomach stopped hurting my energy was better and I could swallow and I was able to eat foods that I haven’t been able to eat I’ve tried so many people I feel better from the very first session I thought I might never find an answer or never relieve myself and find relief from these challenges oh my goodness I am so happy I’ve been to so many physicians with no results it’s so many healer’s that nobody’s been able to help me I’ve gotten no relief until now.Also you told me when my grief and sadness and pain in my chest came up to rub the ginger and I put it in olive oil and I could actually feel it releasing the pain and inflate exclamation and ease it up oh my gosh I’m so happy to have such great results in such a short time”


The content of this course is for educational and informational purposes only. The content should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. The case histories and testimonies presented are for examples and do not imply or represent a guarantee of results. This is not medical advice and we make no claims of cure, diagnosis, or analysis. If you are being treated by a physician or other healthcare practitioner or are taking any medication, please consult with that provider prior to changing or modifying any treatment program. By purchasing and using these products you agree to take full responsibility for your choices, actions, and results.

Do not listen to any recorded sessions, classes, healing, or meditation recording while driving or operating equipment/machinery.

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