Melt Your Money Blocks Meet Your Money Muse Session


Experience A DEEP SHIFT WITH MONEY & PROSPERITY in a PRIVATE 1-1 Session (60 minutes online, recorded)

Let’s transform your Money blocks, limits, fears, guilt, shame, loss, lack consciousness and reconnect to your true abundant, infinite nature. We will uncover and dissolve your “Money Mask” (the blocks) & Create Your “Money Muse” and give you a new cleansed and realigned relationship with the essence of money! It’s like an ally you can work with, receive guidance from and even trust! Imagine your life aligned with abundant flow, guided to your highest solutions and good, with ease and inner peace because you have an ally who loves and supports you!

Virtual private 1-1 session allows you to transform in the comfort of your own sacred space and receive the recording to repeat anytime you want to reconnect, go deeper, cleanse again!

You will find your Limiting Beliefs, Melt your Money Fears and Rewire your Mind to a Prosperity Mindset aligned with your personal goals and purpose!!

Change your Relationship with Money, Abundance and Prosperity!


Melt & Free yourself from your Money fears, shame, guilt, blocks and MEET YOUR MONEY MUSE!

In this deep 60 minute private session I will scan and read your energy field for blocks and abundance currently in your field. Then we will go deep into a powerful inner process where I will guide you and protect you in the Infinity healing chamber of light. Once we connect to your higher self to be sure all that is released and revealed is optimal for your highest good and Soul purpose at this time. you will meet and melt your money “mask” (which is all your fears and negative limiting patterns Once we meet, accept and transform your money mask, you have power and strength and you are now clear to meet and cocreate your Money Muse.

This is the Energy of Money that is supportive, loving, trustworthy and infinite. Once you create a new relationship of love and compassion with the Spirit of Money you can continue to communicate with your Money Muse to create your abundant life.

After decades of deep inner work from traveling into the “past/parallel” lives, healing and rewiring minds, bodies, LightBodies and energy fields of thousands of clients and students I have found multidimensional work around money Wat i have come to call your “money mask” a The disempowering, and negative beliefs, thoughts, habits, emotions and karma that live in your mind, body and emotional field and determine your cashflow, what you feel you are worth, what you can ask for – or not. This mask has been deciding your flow of money for years, maybe your whole life! It comes from karma, ancestral and family patterns and personal experiences and agreements.

When these sessions are done 1-1 they go deeper into your personal blocks, beliefs and patterns. You receive an Energy Scan, Light Weaving and Mental & Emotional Block clearing as well as the guided inner process of the Money Muse.

You will leave the session with the energetic healing, rewiring, releasing and reconnection that will integrate over the next 7-30 days. A new connection to (usually a name, symbol, way to connect, guidance on next steps and ways to contact your Money Muse). transformation, a new relationship with your Money Muse, your personal New empowering Money Belief Agreement, guidance on what to do when old ‘echos’ come back and How to contact your Money Muse anytime.

You will also receive:

1 – the Rich Mind/Poor Mind Belief Transformation Sheet
2 – The Vibrational Scale of Consciousness State Finder & feedback graphic & How to use it video training
3 – Akasha Permission Slip Printable Pdf
4 – $30 off a Private Soul Reading or Money & Success Energy Scan Session Gift Certificate

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