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Are you ready for something different, delicious, soul expanding, heart healing, intuition awkening and filled with love?

Do you hear the whisper of your soul and sense a new upgrade of your divine gifts?

Did you know there are many powers in your Soul’s other lives that are ready to help you reactivate your life path and step into a higher level of your purpose?

A reconnection to the Sacred Feminine power within you?

A Soul Alignment with the ancient and future wisdom you carry with you?
Join me to activate and raise the wisdom of Ancient Greece, the guidance of the Sacred Feminine and the secrets within you.
The Ancient Greek Goddesses are calling you! Come home to Greece with me this fall and awaken the powers within you!

I first went to Greece in this life when I was 9. I didn’t know what I felt was a past life in my soul, however it changed everything for me.

I Loved it, and I “knew” the sites, the names and layout of the temples so well that the tour guide would ask me to tell everyone what the name of the temple or the god, or the goddess was, as we wander the sacred ancient sites.
Most sacred of all around the world is the very first highly revered, respected and consulted oracle at the sacred site of Delphi.
It was all so familiar and I can still feel it now, the knowing, the inner brightening just being there, belonging, respected, cared for.
I had vivid visions in the Tholos, near the Temple of Apollo at the Delphi Oracle Site, and especially the sacred spring where the oracle would cleanse and purify before channeling.
They have all come back to me with crystal clarity and now I’m older and wiser and can see, communicate and travel between the worlds and through time to really access this wisdom!


Choose from Oct 1-7, 2023 or May 21-29, 2024 Event Click here<

Ask for details on either retreat and we will send you more logistics, travel needs, packing info and more.
Both events include your accommodations.*
The Ancient Greek Goddesses are calling you! Come home to Greece with me and awaken the powers within you!

Awaken your Ancient Wisdom, Powers and allow the Ancient Sprits, land, wisdom and magic awaken Sacred Feminine Powers to realign your body and spirit in joy, peace and prosperity.

Oct 1-7 – We meet  in Athens and then go on the road to stay in Delphi for 1 night and Napflio on the sea for 2 nights and we end the last 2 nights in Athens luxury hotel with a roof pool and view of the acropolis!
We will go to see and meditate and activate our soul at many ancient and natural Sacred sites:
The incredible temples at Delphi – navel of the world and Temple of Apollo the most famous Oracle in history.

WE WILL AWAKEN YOUR OWN POWERS OF DIVINATION, psyhic skills, clairvoyant gifts and other soul powers that are ready to resurface and assist you in creating the life your soul intended.

ANOTHER WOW Experience – our own sacred ceremony in the original Oracle Cave of Pan – the Corycian Cave of Delphi, where the earliest oracles divined the messages of the gods and nature spirits.

The stunning Temple of Poseidon & Athena at sunset overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Epidaurus an incredible ancient healing center and stunningly intact and used amphitheater.

Ancient Corinth incredible site overlooking the sea

Ancient Messini – Messene this is a GEM!!! This is a SPECIAL SECRET… a CHANCE to go to a beautiful ancient site that has secrets… with very few people! This is my super special, secret gift to you… and I am only going to reveal the tip of the iceberg right now…

Ancient Messene (Messini), Peloponnese, Greece

Messene – The next step in our Sacred journey is an incredible treasure you will remember forever!
Messene, officially Ancient Messene, is a local community within the regional unit of Messenia in the region of Peloponnese. It is best known for the ruins of the large classical city-state of Ancient Messene.Aphrodite/Venus Love baths, Isis mystery school initiations, Sacred feminie power in youth, independence and nature spirit powers… Baby Zeus powers,

Sound Healings and the ability to walk amongst the temples, healing complexes and theaters.Temple of Ancient Egyptian Mother, 3rd Eye Goddess Isis!!! It even has a moat for nile, temple of Aphrodite under Byzantine Chruch, HEALING POWERS! Asklepieion complex: an entire Ancient HEALING COMPLEX! Wow, the energy you can download here, amplify your healing abilities and open ancient knowledge!


The Temple of Asklepios and Hygeia – God and Goddess of Health and Healing is a beautiful doric temple. It was destroyed by an unknown reason and it was rebuilt of a local though stone.

SOUND HEALINGS! “Decterion” – a small theatre-odeion belongs to the Asklepieion healing complex + another acoustically perfect for amplifying the energy healing and intuitive messages from all the spirits here ready to work with us.

GODDESS TEMPLES AND Sacred Feminine Wisdom DOWNLOADS! Oh the magic I find because I am walking the Sacred Way, guided by the ancient spirits and divine energies! I am tingling and glowing with the magic and nature spirits that are lighting our path!!Hidden in plain site, unknown to almost all visitors is the incredible healing power this site holds. The Sacred Feminine is anchored, and embodied by many goddess temples, each having led an activate life of healing and divination, oracles and priestesses and wisdom keepers!

Our interdimensional travel and healing will be deep and delicious!Temple of Artemis Limniatis or Lafria – and the Sanctuary of Zeus Ithomatas which was unique because it held the statue of Zeus as a child!I have discovered 2 goddess temples and layers of ancient wisdom traditions, going back to Ancient Egypt and Atlantis! WOW  – we are going to access Big Magic here… AND an amazing sound healing in the 2 perfectly attuned ancient amphitheaters and much more…Imagine standing in our sacred circle, around an ancient Temple of Isis… a moat representing the Nile… then bathing in Sacred Feminine Love and abundance with the Goddess Aphrodite, as you reactivate the sacred wisdom in the stones of her ancient temple…Centuries of wisdom pours from the stones around and beneath us, they begin to sing. You and each of us receives and special tone, the signature of your soul that comes from one or more era’s of information at this site!

You have come here as part of a soul agreement! You are an awakener and you are going to free this energy and spread it around the planet as you travel from here forward!

MY gift to you, and my specialty…. is to find places we can go to in the most sacred way. Ancient Messene is an incredible, very under visited (we love it when there aren’t any or few other people. We can really access magical, deep and sacred energies and spirits in the land and temples.  ancient city that has his is my special gift to you – an incredible ancient site that holds magic, power, beauty, more intact building the ANY OTHER SITE (I believe).

Ancient Athens Acropolis, Agora, Temple of Zeus…
Along the way I will be guiding activations to atuune to your ancient soul and receive messages and soul medicine from the ancient gods and goddesses, Pan and the nature spirits and more.
 Let me know if you need anything or want to talk soon!!
Reserve your spot or if you want to chat contact Akasha on WhatsApp +52 999 378 4952 or email Donna [email protected]

Contact me to lock in your spot and  price! including 6 nights accommodation*!!
Price after Sept 18 $3985 regular price Oct 2023

Interested in MAY 2024: Akasha special guest Joan of Angels – Sacred Greece Awakening Tour  2024 – Contact us to receive the details – this retreat will be longer than 2023, it wil be 9 days and include and open for a second leg to some sacred Greek islands too!

You can put a deposit $1000 per person or pay in full here on this page.
Full final payment due Sept 8, 2023 for October retreat (If enrolling after Sept 8, please pay deposit and contact us to arrange the balance ).

All payments are 100% Non Refundable for any reason.
Please purchase Travel Insurance for your travel. Ask for our logistic manual and help in planning your trip!

We meet in Athens, Greece!

The travel dates are Oct 1 arrive Athens  & Oct 7 Depart Athens. Arrange your flights. (We have options to come a day early and stay a day late and single occupancy, please contact us).
The retreat price Includes
6 Nights accommodations (double occupancy) Oct. 1-6* (check out 7th)
All entrance fees and tickets to all Ancient & natural sites and museums we visit Oct 2-6.
All transport during the retreat from town to sites with private van and driver
All Sacred activations, Energy Healings, meditations and channeled messages
3-4 Breakfasts included at hotel (Oct 2, 3, 4)
 5 Lunches (10/2-6)
1 Final dinner celebration on the last day
 Tour guides
Not Included in the Price
Airport transport in Athens
Breakfast in Athens on 10/2, 5, 6 All dinners except last night.
Alcohol, specialty, coffee drinks Gifts, souvenirs, extra activities, sites or shopping.
Hotel Upgrades, Single Occupancy or additional nights (ask for prices and availability)

LOGISTICS – ask for our guide and watch the videos about the sites, the ancient traditions, the awakening of Gaia, the sacred feminine, wealth, oracle and temples of spiritual healing!

Remember: You are traveling to Athens, Greece, arriving on Oct 1, departing on Oct 7, or add an extra day and relax and have fun with us!

We will walk with the ancient spirits and meditate and activate our soul powers, receive messages and healing from the ancient spirit guides and access higher states as you unlock your soul gifts at the many ancient and natural Sacred sites.

This is a journey to reclaim your soul’s powers!

Along the way I will be guiding activations to attune to your ancient soul and receive messages and soul medicine from the ancient gods and goddesses, Pan and the nature spirits and more.

Join me on this sacred journey and discover your purpose, park and power!
Is this one of your Soul’s Sacred appointments where you awaken to more of your truth, power and purpose? Those called are on a sacred quest from the soul. Contact me and let’s connect! I love you! Reserve your spot as soon as possible

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