Intuition Awakening Money Intuition Course + Bonuses

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INTUITION AWAKENING STUDENT:“Wow yes! Thank you Nan! You feel like magic, almost like that lost child who has come home to the comfort of her mother knowing she knows her better than she knows herself. YOU ARE BLOWING MY SPIRITUAL MIND with this Money Intuition stuff!”B

“Thank you SO much! 
That (intuitive reading in Intuition Awakening Class) was astoundingly spot on for me and enormously helpful and clarifying. Very, very grateful! “-  L.H. Intuition Awakening ONE Graduate

You will have lifetime access to All Activations, Attunements, classes, readings, practice sessions and more!

An experiential and practical awakening of your intuition to a whole new level. This is a deep dive into turning on your intuition and upgrading your wiring to be able to receive and perceive more.
This course will help get more of your 360 senses online again in the HIGHLY EMOTIONAL area of self worth, value and money.

These are Life Skills that will improve your life, income, health, and happiness. Your Intuitive Mind needs attention and development to balance out your overdeveloped Analytical mind which worries about failure/loss/not enough.

  1. Are you wanting more income this year, or a different avenue for income, expression, and helping others?
    Do you feel uncomfortable asking for a raise, a new job, or to be paid, or even asking for help to start a business?
    Do you want to express yourself comfortably and lovingly when it comes to your career, your dreams, or your desire for more value and money?
    Do you feel a heart calling to be of service to others WITH your unique creative makeup?
    Are you ready to be yourself AND do valuable work? Feel content, work and live in an uplifting spiritually nurturing environment and accept being seen, appreciated, and valued.



Do you feel ready to awaken your intuition when it comes to money? If you feel you still have some fears, or lack of clarity when it comes to matters like making, spending, asking for, charging, managing, growing, and sharing money… you are not alone.

The time has come to both develop your intuition and use that power in a practical way to living the life your Soul intended. I am going to take you through a journey into the mystery and magic encoded within you and the power of the spirit of money when you align and co-create with it.

Start Money Intuition Awakening 7 Powerful Activations and trainings right now!

All classes are on video & audio and includes a PDF manual of forms, charts and graphics. You will want to repeat these processes and tools, so this course has a long life.
Reunion Class in March and advanced class in June

BONUSES worth $156

  1. Intuition Awakening Manifesting a Biz, Income, or career ($75) Instant Access
  2. Awaken Your 360 Senses Mini Course ($44) Instant Access
  3. Money & Success Mind & Belief Rewiring Belief Audio ($15) Instant Access
  4. Shame Cleanse ($22) Instant Access
  5. The 4 part Infinite Show M0.ney Intuition Breakthrough series Instant Access

“I’m really excited about how much it goes to show that all the work (in Intuition Awakening class) is really paying off and bringing people guidance.
I couldn’t have done that without your teachings and processes. Thank you for being my spiritual teacher and mentor.I can feel me coming into my gifts… this work is incredible.You’re seeing a new ME in a brighter light. This is A HUGE accomplishment for me. Thank you again.

I look forward to learning and growing more from you on this incredible journey of life” DQ

We are going to have an amazing experience awakening your intuition and senses SPECIFICALLY around self-worth, value, wealth, worthiness, AND MONEY! You most likely do not realize the depth of restriction your self value and beliefs around abundance, prosperity and money have.

That means that you can develop your psychic abilities, learn new ways to cleanse, align and balance yourself, and fine-tune your relationship with Money.

This is the time to free yourself  from money prison!

Whether you realize it or not, you can have more flow, more ease, trust, peace, and joy WITH money.

Your current energy programs(mind fears/emotional pain/past life wounds) are interrupting the signal from your future thriving, happy on purpose self.

You will learn to receive signals, guidance, and support from your future rich self.

Your 3rd eye, your crown, your sacral center and more are clogged pipelines that are not letting in the abundance that you could access.

 your intuitive senses or guides are being thwarted by shame, guilt, fear, and belief in lack, then this course is for you.

Join Money Intuition Awakening and give yourself the love and support you deserve to find your wealth and esteem and live from it!

INTUITION AWAKENING is a powerful course that gives you back your senses, your ability to communicate with your higher self, your body, your Akashic records, your fears, and your past lives.

Now you can join the fun – every session is an activation of your Intuitive Senses around Self Worth, Money, and your financial body and highest selves.

Money Intuition Awakening 2023 CLASS CURRICULUM

Class 1 Money Intuition Poison: Money Karma & Past/Future Life Wound & Powers
Class 2 Money Intuition Blocks: Money Identity – Free $ Shame, Guilt, Fear & Embody the Wealthy You (spiritually and physically)
Class 3 Money Intuition Power: Money Beliefs – Discover & transmute Limits to Flow! ID Limiting & Lack Beliefs around your Self Worth, Value, asking for money & CoCreate Your New Wealth Esteem Mental Map
Class 4 Money Intuition Secret: You are Already Rich & on a Fully Funded Soul Mission –  Align with & Receive the $/Abundant Soul Aligned Opportunities ALREADY Around You
Class 5 Money Intuition Guards, Guardians & Guides: Navigate Your Intuitive Network  thru darkness. PLUS Powerful Visualization Experience with sacred geometry.
Class 6 Money Intuition Scans: Increase Wealth Esteem & Guidance –  Experience a Self Scan from your Higher Self’s Perspective and the ACCEPTANCE BREATH Process!
Class 7 Money Intuition Treasury: Access Your Inner Soul’s Treasure House of Infinity – find $ and resources and more of your intuitive, psychic and multidimensional powers for creating, living and funding your Soul’s projects

Please contact [email protected] if you have ANY questions at all! We are here!

PLAN AHEAD NOW! **NOTE This is a Prerequisite for ADVANCED Money Intuition & Certification Course coming in June 2023*. You will build on your personal process in this course and lean how to read the chakras for Money Blocks and Vaults.

If you want to hone your personal intuitive powers and flow in the full potential your Soul Designed, you may join the Advanced class. You do not have to receive the certification.
Many people take this for their own personal growth, and I highly recommend it. You will be Certified as an Akashic Money Light Healer if you choose to complete the certification requirements.

All classes are live and recorded and I am here to read, hold space and just coming to class will create deep shifts and increase your energy awareness as well as your connection to your true self, powers and path.

YOU ARE FULLY FUNDED by Source, Soul and the infinite abundant potential of the Multiverse. You just have not been shown how to see, receive, and live with the full trust and wealth that is YOUR NATURE.

PLEASE NOTE NO REFUNDS on Live or Digital Courses. 
Please choose this course with a good hearted intention. Note and honor there are No Refunds on Live or Digital courses. When you enroll you agree to pay, and agree there are no refunds and no exceptions. Whether you pay in full or accept a payment plan, you are entering a binding agreement. Thank you for entering our Sacred Space in love and willingness.

This is an Intuition Awakening course on self esteem, personal value, worth and wealth, prosperity, money, and income, You will meet your Money blocks and fears that are clogging your Intuitive abilities. That is the purpose. If you are looking for ‘get rich quick’ schemes, this is not it. Here we go deep and enter a sacred path of the Mystery School initiate who is looking for personal mastery and truth.

Thank you for honoring this gathering. It is a place for transmutation and increase.

one student in the class said “…I was feeling like I wasn’t having any clients. So I started writing my money story. Then they came.
I was starting to think about the crap that was the story instead of being the story and then they came! Very interesting. !!” WOW!!


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