Intuition Awakening Money Intuition Course + Bonuses

From: $87.00 / month for 6 months

Pay Now One-Time payment Only $555
3-Month Payment Plan $190/mo
6-Month Payment Plan $96/mo

INTUITION AWAKENING STUDENT:“Wow yes! Thank you Nan! You feel like magic, almost like that lost child who has come home to the comfort of her mother knowing she knows her better than she knows herself. YOU ARE BLOWING MY SPIRITUAL MIND with this Money Intuition stuff!”B

“Thank you SO much! 
That (intuitive reading in Intuition Awakening Class) was astoundingly spot on for me and enormously helpful and clarifying. Very, very grateful! “-  L.H. Intuition Awakening ONE Graduate

You will have lifetime access to All Activations, Attunements, classes, readings, practice sessions and more!

An experiential and practical awakening of your intuition to a whole new level. This is a deep dive into turning on your intuition and upgrading your wiring to be able to receive and perceive more.
This course will help get more of your 360 senses online again in the HIGHLY EMOTIONAL area of self worth, value and money.

These are Life Skills that will improve your life, income, health, and happiness. Your Intuitive Mind needs attention and development to balance out your overdeveloped Analytical mind which worries about failure/loss/not enough.

  1. Are you wanting more income this year, or a different avenue for income, expression, and helping others?
    Do you feel uncomfortable asking for a raise, a new job, or to be paid, or even asking for help to start a business?
    Do you want to express yourself comfortably and lovingly when it comes to your career, your dreams, or your desire for more value and money?
    Do you feel a heart calling to be of service to others WITH your unique creative makeup?
    Are you ready to be yourself AND do valuable work? Feel content, work and live in an uplifting spiritually nurturing environment and accept being seen, appreciated, and valued.