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Develop a deeper intuitive connection to your Higher Self, Soul Blueprint Keeper & Akashic Records Guide.

You get these powerful processes to use again:
1. Cleanse, Clear Realign Process: To energetically and multidimensionally transform your energy (mental, emotional etc) to give you the clearest alignment with your Higher Self and realign you to your Soul purpose and path.
2. Co-Create with Your Higher Self
3. Co-Create with Your Soul Blueprint Keeper
4. Co-Create with Your Akashic Records Guide
5. Co-Create with the Optimal FUTURE SELF – a Combined Co-Creation & Life Design Process

I will give you the questions to ask to elicit clarity and open doors into your blueprint. You will design your life, relationships, income, career, and self Identity together with these parts of you that know your true potential and power.

If you can come live and you can share and ask questions and I will do readings to help you understand what to do with your messages.

Use the audios and videos to recreate over and over.
Deepen your inner communication and connection to your true missions and who you are here to become for the greatest good.
Join now so you can enjoy the process!

Welcome to this Magical Manifesting Journey!This journey is CO-Creating WITH Your Future Self & Higher Self & Akashic Self & Infinite Self to align with your Soul Design for the new year.You will be learning how to cleanse your energy field, align with your higher self and other pats of your truth (outside your 3D mind). You will journey into a whole new relationship with your higher selves, the parts that know your Soul’s plan and blueprint.This is significant because we have been taught to plan and live our day based on so many outside influences. We have been programed to prioritze most everyone and everything else before our own inner voice and path.This is a big step into your truth, the deep spiritual, infinite part of you that has a mission. That mission will reveal itself to you as you take this exciting journey. As a Mystery School experience, this is rediscovering your SELF… and the mystery that you are. You have much to remember, embrace and embody that will lift your life to new heights of joy and harmony.To make the most magical experience, take time to be with the processes and repeat the journeys and connections because they are all expanding your intuitive awareness in all areas of life.Since planning your ‘year’ is our goal, yet not like you have in the past, you will need to listen to the doubt or prefectionist within you and still make the choice based on your inner guidance. I invite you to step into this sacred space with me announcing who you are (I Am that I AM…) and open your heart to the beauty you are within.

Let me be your fairy godmother guide on this magical journey. The magic is within you, you have all the answers, solutions, powers, wisdom, talents, gifts, strength, clarity, compassion and love within your LightBody crystalline structure.

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“I have been loving this process and experiencing all of these wonderful learning and tools with you all. wishing the best to all. And a very big thank you to Nan:heart:Bless you:pray:” OR