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Get instant access to this 3 hour Masterclass for a fast, easy and fun way to accelerate your Soul’s path, your intuitive languages and your abilities to receive and perceive messages from the natural worlds that are your Soul Ally’s.

You have MANY soul agreements with powerful, wise, loving or magical spirit guides. They can take many forms, and they match what you love and what you think you are worthy of.

Among the most powerful messengers and Soul ally’s you have at this time are an Animal Spirit Guide and or Animal Spirit Guide Circle. A Guardian Angel or Guardian Dragon and most of all – a Council of Spirit Guides.

Whether you work with them consciously, sense them or notice when they help, offer signs and synchronicities… or you do not hear/sense them or their guidance… YOU have a Spirit Guide Council.

They have been designed with your Soul’s plan, blueprint, powers, and potential.

They are with you whether you know it or not. Now is the time to meet them, get to know and work with them everyday. They are your Spiritual BFF’s!

They have called to come forward into conscious co creation with you at this destiny point. If you are called to this, your guides are contacting you through this. Listen, today. Messages are all around you.

The Spirit Guide Council changes at times in your life, perhaps your council has shifted, shrunk or is waiting for you to come online so they can contact and work with you.

I have worked with a council of spirit guides for over 33 years. I wish I had become aware that I could talk to them directly and watch for their messages sooner on my self awareness spiritual awakening path.

My council has had different names depending on what I am doing or teaching, however I always have one personal group that is my most powerful and well known group.

I call them several times a day. I work with them in many ways, and they are always there, even when I do not sense them.

It is a trust bond you develop when you realize they are each giving you their power, protection, wisdom, expertise, connections… or what we call “Medicine”.  It’s the underlying energy that resonates with you, for your highest good.

Your personal Spirit Guides individually and as a council will assist you in any realm, in any life, timeline or situation, if asked, and is relevant to your highest good at this time.

If you feel you do not hear him, this is for you.

If you feel like you do not know their name, medicine (essence, power, qualities and embodiment)  or way of communicating with you… then this is the experience for you.

In this 3 hour experience (live and recorded to use again and again!) you will go on a journey to meet your current, upgraded, spirit guide council, in a way you have NEVER experienced. It is like the difference between watching and movie and being in it.

Your Spirit Guides are ready to work with you, so the practical aspect is we dive in right away to meet YOUR GUIDES!

We will ONLY focus on the guides that are here for YOU.

Each person in this experience will meet their own guides. The purpose of this is to bypass years of spiritual development and growth, and connect now to your council.


Accept the invitation!

There will only be a few of my Spirit Guide Council that will be there for everyone, and they may or may not be in your council. They are here to assist in connecting you to your council, as my ally’s and healing partners.

I will create a powerful sacred space with many realms assisting in the healing, clearing and communication. We will help you see, feel, communicate with and interpret the guides who come to you.

You will not learn about spirit guides, you WILL MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES that are most optimal for your highest good at this time.

You will clear any blocks in your mind, emotional field, in your past or in your beliefs… at any level… and you will be able to repeat the clearing process as you continue to connect deeper.

In this Soul journey you will be freed from limits and reconnected at a higher consciousness level, and with more clarity then ever before, to your spirit guide council .

Everything in this deep soul journey works on all levels of your LightBody, Soul, and Akasha.

Your Spirit Guide Council may include an ancient Goddess you worked with at a temple or in healing like Hathor, Brigid, Lakshmi or Bast.

My personal and my energy mastery/intuition/LightBody healing schools have all had a “LightBody Council” or an Akashic Ascension Council. These have  included a deep personal relationship with these goddess energies/essences – Athena, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quan Yin, Isis (the Supreme Divine Mother Goddess of ancient Egypt), Ixchel, Oshun, Gaia, Sekhmet, Lakshmi….

God and animal spirit energies such as Ganesha, Kukulkan (Mayan Serpent Sun God), Dolphins, Jaguar Sacred Balam, ascended masters such as Quan yin, Thoth, Melchizedek, Buddha, Metatron, Merlin…

From Elementals, to any culture’s sacred wisdom you embraced, to crystals kingdoms and land… I speak with them all.

Come join me and free yourself and the other lives in your soul. Dissolve the karma stuck in your Akashic records, old wounds and contracts.

Your guides can open channels to ease, trust and inner joy so you can navigate whatever cycle of life you are traveling, in peace.

You will leave knowing your Council and you will also receive the name and perhaps the symbol of your spirit guide council.

They are your BFF’s and they are always here, no matter what is optimal for your soul’s purpose, empowerment and wholeness at this time.

You will know how to communicate, how to develop an open and direct line, and how to  recognize each guide by sense, sight, sound etc.

This is a practical spiritual experience that will change your day to day life from the core up, and help you live the life your Soul intended now!

These guides may come from any realm, time, star or dimension. They are here to assist you with your awakening and understanding of your multidimensional self, your senses and your real world.

Your council was created ONLY for your highest good, prosperity, empowerment, guidance healing, and soul embodiment at this time.

Lifetime access for you on video and audio. There are 2 Powerful Activation processes you will repeat to continue to meet your guides, get to know them, work, heal, create with them.

This will be the start of a very empowering time in your life!

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