Intuition Awakening NON STOP Spiritual Guidance! Summer Camp 2023

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LOOK! An all new update for the 2023 Intuition Awakening Summer Camp! This years theme is super fun and exciting and since the Dolphin healing retreat, I have downloaded a new Soul Template, and we are including some super HIGH LEVEL sessions due to the timing with the 777 Sirius Stargates that are downloading very special, rare, high frequency LIGHT CODES. Watch the video about this special energies right now and other details about the Exceptionally auspicious Intuition Awakening Summer Camp!

Non Stop Spiritual Guidance: Messages, Messengers & Medicine 2023 Intuition Awakening Summer Camp + Special 777 Stargate & Lions Gate Sessions!

Be sure to review the dates, prices and new times for classes.

How do you tune into the guidance, healing and wisdom that is all around and within you!? All you require on your Soul’s path is within you or within reach at all times. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Loving guidance and divine essences take all forms, hold all kind of powers, qualities and energies (Medicine).

Learn how to Communicate, perceive, receive the non stop spiritual medicine that is already here for you. This is fun, POWERFUL, extremely empowering and the most key next step in your spiritual and soul purpose evolution into a unique, self expressed creator.

Do you want more synchronicities, signs and symbols and you want to understand what they mean for you ?

Do you wish you could decode the signs all around you as you go through your day?
Do you know in your heart there is loving, healing, divine guidance all around you in every moment, no matter what?
If you are you tired of intermittent clarity and connection to your spiritual guidance…
If you are ready to be a clear conduit for all the Soul Ally’s already speaking and supporting you…
If you are becoming aware that you are never alone and there is ALWAYS SPIRIT GUIDANCE in some form, somewhere near you…
Then it’s time to develop your intuition and receive NON STOP SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE!
Take advantage of the fast evolution and VERY SPECIAL HIGH FREQUENCY ENERGY coming to us all month until Agust 8 Lions Gate. The love energy from our spiritual sun is bringing us incredible spiritual nourishment, so I am including 3 special classes for us to communicate and receive these light codes while they are here… only if you join this year’s Intuition Awakening Summer Camp!
You are ready to live in FLOW with your Intuitive Network Turned ON and walk each moment in both worlds.
NON-STOP SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE is how you are meant to live!! What if you could tap into it and learn to get better at seeing, understanding and implementing this Soul guidance?

The Intuition Awakening Summer Camp 2023 class curriculum DATES

Live Classes are recorded for you to reuse any time, and you will! Activations and attunements are on audio and video for you to use over and over. This is a powerful class with tools you can use for your daily life!

Summer Camp
July 25 – August 31 , 2023
Class DATES:
We will receive attunements and communicate with other realms in 90 minutes classes + 30 min optional Q & A & sharing at the end of each class.
The added Special Classes on July 16 (this one is free to everyone, invite your friends!) is recorded if you cannot attend. These capture the energies in the moment and we communicate with special messengers related to the cosmic event.



SPECIAL CLASSES on July 16, 25 and August 8 will attune to the Light flowing from Sirius (planet which is our Spiritual Sun) through Stargates & ignite your 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Structures awakening in your BODIES so you can handle higher frequency messages and frequencies forming in our physical bodies as well. These are VITAL downloads that will open leaps in consciousness.

2 evening sessions
for sharing and readings for anyone who missed a session or can’t come in the day class.

All the recordings on Video and Audio to repeat as desired or required

All the graphics and manual of relevant activations, declarations, processes.

Encoded full color graphics to guide, encode and activate your intuitive network and all the senses and receptors in your Light Body

Daily Routine and home play are assigned between classes

The power of the safe, protected, aligned Sacred Space I create acccelerates your skills. Students comment how it is a very powerful place between the worlds that makes accessing your intuition easier, faster and more clear. This makes your growth faster and your doh=ubt disappear

Awaken Non Stop Spiritual Guidance everyday! 

When you unlock the power in symbols, animals, weather, billboards and follow the synchronicities, you ARE on your Soul’s journey and it is magical!
In this summer camp we will be uncovering and rediscovering your intuitive receptors and sensors so you can increase your abilities to see, sense and follow the non stop spiritual guidance that is already and always there for you.
If you feel ready to live in the flow of the divine guidance that is there for you…
If you notice more signs in nature, or through the TV coming to you…
If you are feeling a sense of destiny rising around you as dreams answer questions, and just the right answer to your problem seems to appear…
Or perhaps you wish that was happening, and want to increase your awareness to the spirit guidance coming to you.
Join this years Intuition Awakening Summer Camp if you want to turn on NON STOP SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE and understand and decode more spiritual messages, meanings and languages…
Let’s dive in together, in loving space together and ignite an opening within you that you have never experienced.
“Thank you, we are all getting better at this. Nan is a wonderful teacher. Giant heart and willing to share.” KL, Intuition Accelerator Student
Spirit guides are everywhere, from plants, to angels, from fairies, to clouds, from animals to crystals, from water to your higher self…
Your intuitive network is ready for an upgrade and the many co creative and healing subtle realms are already speaking to you. because you are ready to turn on your clairaudience/clairvoyance/clarsentience and so much more!

You have a natural template within you that is already attuned to a certain kind of ability to receive, perceive, communicate with and translate the Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities that are arriving in your life every minute.

Awaken your Souls Intuitive gifts and Encoded Languages in symbols, signs, nature, synchronicities and more. Remember who you are!

Instruction and training into Spirit Guides, Intuitive network, Decoding Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities, LightBody Training & Activation, Scale of Consciousness Training,

How to spot the synchronicities, signs, guidance, subtle realm direction and symbols of empowerment and awakening.

How to decode and translate Signs & Messages into practical guidance you can use now.

How to feel the difference in ego and emotional messages and spirit soul messages.

Set up communication channels with your primary Spirit Guides and agree on language, symbols, and other aspects of co-creation to develop consistent clarity and connection .

Spot the synchronicities, signs, guidance, subtle realm direction more easily, quickly and in real time.

Free yourself of self sabotage, self judgement and old limiting beliefs and limits.

Become the clear and open channel your Soul intended!

BONUSES worth $77!

1 – Meet Your Spirit Guide Council ($33) No Cost to you!

INSTANT ACCESS 3 hour Masterclass for a fast, easy and fun way to accelerate your Soul’s path, your intuitive languages and your abilities to receive and perceive messages from the natural worlds that are your Soul Ally’s.

This is the best way to start your journey with your messages and soul medicine!

2 – Awaken your 360 Senses Course (instant access) ($44)

Intuition Awakening Summer Camp 23 Class Topics
Divine Alchemy #1
Intuition Spiritual Guidance Attunement: 777 Stargate Celestial, Silver Sacred Feminine 5-D Crystalline Activation

+ Connect to Messages & Medicine from these Messengers: Celestial Realms opening, 777 & Stargate Medicine, Messengers: Sirius/ our Spiritual Sun + the Loving Blue Sirians, our Spiritual Growth Guides + Sirius Dolphins 
Messages & medicine from the Silver Sacred Feminine Ray 10 of Creation & Color Healing & Silver Dolphins, Ancient Egyptian Supreme Mother Goddess Isis.
Crystal Kingdom or Lemurians are potential messengers as well. 
These are powerful cosmic, timeless energies and in these attunements Divine Alchemy is at work! In this class you are transforming so you can receive and digest the High Frequency Light flowing through the higher dimensions of our Spiritual Sun, the Sirius Stargate and the power of the 777 gateway. This will awaken the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Structures that are encoded in your bodies.
Energy is infused with Divine Feminine and Spiritual Love.

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