Dolphin Spirit Guide Atlantean, Lemurian, Delphinus Star Seed Private Healing


Experience a Dolphin Atlantean High Frequency Spirit Guide Healing & receive messages, travel to the dolphin worlds and reclaim your forgotten Dolphin intuition powers the are a optimal for your Soul’s awakening now.

The dolphins come and raise your vibration, shift your emotional state and raise your conscious awareness of your true purpose. I will bring together the sacred Delphi Temple Oracle and the dolphin spirit guides and energies that are most optimal for you – Atlantean/Lemurian/ Delphinus Constellation Diamond frequency Star Seed powers.

Healing is becoming whole. Everyone is ready to discover their true self and reunite with their Soul truth, powers, and path. The dolphins have a mission to mastery of vibrational rates and states. They can scan, and recalibrate any part of your body/mind/emotional field or LightBody.

When you are with them in 3-D long enough, they raise your vibration to a state called “Brain Bliss’ It actually changes your brainwaves and state and removes blocks in your energy body, and realigns you to flow in a way that is optimal for you at this time!

This then raises your state of consciousness and you find you are free from old patterns, fears, and heavy emotions.

If we allow the Dolphin Spirit Guides to join us in the subtle realms (no travel required) and recalibrate our energy, our chakras, and magnetic pulse and align to our higher purpose and powers… then all of the planet, all elementals, animals, and all aspects of Gaia recalibrate. We begin to become whole again, as one mind and one heart with individual paths that empower each other.

This process can bring you into Brain Bliss and there you can rise out of the states of guilt or victimhood or lack. This is the healing state of shedding old patterns and rising into your higher state of evolution. Here you can release your health, wealth, worthiness, or trust challenges and free yourself from outdated mindsets.

60 Minute Private, virtual, recorded Session live with Akasha.

GET THIS SESSION FREE! Want to heal, play and ascend to your Soul’s Higher States in person with the Dolphins in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean? Join the Dolphin Healing & Atlantean-Mayan Equinox Intuition Awakening Experience March 17-21, 2023 in the Mayan Riviera Playa del Carmen.

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