Chakra UpGrade 2022: 8 Deep Soul Cleanse Healing Journeys




8 Deep cleansing and empowering journeys into your main chakra’s (energy portals). The 8 live, private online and recorded journeys will go deep into energy centers that hold your power, purpose, blocks, and old soul contracts. From limiting beliefs to shame and lack of worthiness to a broken heart and a shutdown throat… you are ready t go within and discover and free yourself from the past.

We go into these chakra’s: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart & higher heart, 3rd Eye & Crown centers. The final journey integrates them all so you can attune to your new upgraded energy centers. Your Light body will now be encoded to a higher frequency of consciousness and a clearer connection to your Soul purpose and powers.  The final journey also grounds you in to your Earth Star Center and connects up to your Soul Star Chakra.

Your chakras are powerful energy centers that affect your hormones, glands, and physical health. Your old fears and emotional baggage are here and your mental freedom and enslavement live here. You also carry old blocks and stories in your chakras. Once cleared and realigned you will gain confidence, energy, clarity and inspiration. You will feel more alive and safe in your body, You will find more energy to create and less doubts slowing you down. As you integrate this upgrade you will find yourself a more powerful and peaceful creator. You will have lighter thoughts and be able to access higher states and live in more flow and prosperity.

8 – 90 minute classes: 30 minutes learning about the Chakra Center’s powers and purpose. Receive a new template of upgraded energies for you and 60-minute healing cleanse and journey. You also receive encoded graphics and templates of the chakras as well as the a18 chakra system.

In the journeys, we will discover past lives, outdated agreements, and beliefs, blocks, and powers. Each time you repeat a journey you strengthen your new codes and create a clearer connection to your optimal flow

2022 Dates:
It Starts Jan 15, 2022
January 15, 19, 20, 26, 27 & Feb 2 9, 16
15 (Saturday) 10 – 12 central (2-hour kick-off call)

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