Chakra Attuning Cleanse & Alignment


Includes a Scan, Cleanse and Reading as well as healing, finding blocks and dissolving them, reconnecting you to your power and more. 50 minutes private, live, virtual, recorded

This session is deep and will include much insight, shifts, and healing to integrate. With the new alignment, you will be more in tune with your heart and soul and you will heal the body, free the mind and cleanse the emotional field. The color, shape, and layers all reveal many things that are important for your purpose at this time and we give you a recording that will contain a lot of information and processes you can repeat and guidance on what to do next.


Together in sacred space I will scan and read your chakras. This will give you an important idea of what is going on in your Chakras right now. Then we will go into a deep healing, cleanse and journey into your vital energy centers to see what they hold, and are ready to release and uplevel to. Chakras are important energy centers that intersect with all your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational, spiritual) and are the key to health and happiness. As multidimensional portals, they bring in healing and life-force energies from many realms and remove energies that are toxic or blocking your growth.

Right now our Chakras need to be cleansed and up-leveled so they can receive the new high-frequency energies coming to the planet. You have old vows, contracts, blocks, beliefs, and fears in the chakras that are keeping you from accessing your full power, purpose, and guidance.

This Healing Alignment gives you a clear connection to your portals and soul blueprint. The communication and information that arises as we realign you to your Soul Signature Frequency is powerful and heals all levels of your being. As we reconnect the centers to their seed sounds and your soul codes, you get an inside view and communication from your highest selves to let you know what is stuck or blooming or needs your attention.

Manifesting with higher-level realms and support its possible once you cleanse the portals and reattune them. Everything you manifest must be aligned within these core energy centers for you to create the reality you are here to manifest.

You struggle and repeat old patterns, can feel lost, uncertain, or unsafe if your chakras are clogged and full of outdated energies.

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