Awaken Your Intuitive Powers Private Session


This deep private Session will find, clear, open, and activate your natural intuitive powers. They are awakening and it’s time for you to focus on them and consciously develop them.

If you shut down your spiritual connection as a child, or you have felt fear in embracing your intuitive powers, clairvoyance, audience sentience… etc. then you are ready for this opening.
This session will align to your highest good in a sacred space in a private, virtual, live, recorded 60-minute session and you will awaken your powers that are ready to arise.

THE RECORDING WILL BE YOURS to repeat and find deeper insights.

You are ready to awaken your next level of spiritual gifts, psychic powers, and intuitive talents. They are right there, and sometimes you feel them, and sometimes you feel the old fear trying to stop you.

Recent Client said “I had these visions, and could speak to spirits as a child, yet I shut it down, and it came back and Iwas afraid. Now in a session with Akasha, they have reappeared and are clear, strong and undeniable!”.

Live and Recorded 60-minute session 

Email [email protected] to schedule your session.


60 minute private session to Awaken your intuitive powers that are ready and find the ones you have hidden. Includes removing blocks and fear that keeps you from the natural gifts you have.

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