Private Success & Money & Biz Energy Scan, Reading & Money Plan


Private Success & Money Energy Scan & Reading with Akasha. Recorded for you a FULL 90 Minutes to find the blocks, transform, make a new plan and give you the resources you most require as aligned to your highest good and what is optimal at this time.

Do you have a stuck fear or are you ready for the money and support and resources to start a business, a new project, or master your money mind? If you are ready to understand where your energy, mind and karmic patterns are in relation to your path that requires you to be aligned with the freedom of money, a wealthy mindset and strong self worth, then this is the session for you!

We can strategize your business, prices, packages or marketing. We can unravel your job, desire for a raise or open the door to your next path of sharing your soul powers and allowing the universe to support you on your fully funded mission!

Discover what your energy blueprint holds about success and money. Uncover and transform the fears, beliefs, blocks, and disconnections that are in your mind, body, DNA, emotional field that prevent you from receiving and enjoying the success your soul intended. A vital first step in creating a business, new career, life change, increase in income or success and tapping into your true divine powers in this life is to know what blocks are there to distract and prevent you from following your path.

This is where you get back on the path of your abundant nature, and align with what makes you joyful and fulfilled.