Money Manifesting Bundle


1 Money and Success Energy Scan & Reading ($197) (week 1)
1 Melt Your Money Blocks & Fears! Meet Your Money Muse Private Session
($297.00) (Week 2)
1 Unlock your Prosperity Session ($244) (Week 3)
1 Abundance Alignment Meditation ($15) Instant download



Jumpstart your abundance and clear the deepest blocks to your prosperity. I want you to align to your true purpose and live the life your soul intended… one of abundance just the way YOU would love it.

Not everyone can or wants to make money in the ways others do. The pushing and force and hard work are not working anymore and the real answer is to go within. It’s time you released yourself from the inner money and success prison and aligned with YOUR personal purpose and way of manifesting money.

Your beliefs and energy are underneath every action you take and every thought you think. In this bundle, we will spend 3 weeks (4 with the mini reading bonus) together going into the patterns underlying your money and success.

You never know what is really within your mind. Beliefs vows of poverty, fear of having or asking for money, or even having money! I have seen it all and experienced both ends of the scale from poverty and lack to abundance and cash flow.

These sessions are deep, meaning they go past the surface and address the mind, emotions, cellular memories, family patterns, and even your inner relationship with “money”!


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