Sacred Chakra Abundance Crown Package + BONUSES


This is a Crown Sacred Chakra Package of sessions focused on your upper Chakras.The next powerful journey with Akasha deep into your vital, life giving Chakra energy centers (Ascended Heart, Throat, Third Eye/Ajna, Crown) to release the soul wounds, fears and outdated patterns living in these centers.

Ascended/Higher Heart Chakra, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Centers hold more keys to your SOUL PURPOSE and Powers of the original self blueprint you came here with the potential to live.

Heal, clear, journey into and reconnect to these centers to create from the ORIGINAL DESTINY of your Soul you must cleanse, realign and discover what is in these centers. Then they can be reattuned to your ‘future’ self and your infinite potential. If you are upleveling in your life, this personal soul led, multidimensional experience (this will go to and work on ALL levels of your luminous Light Body: body, mind, emotional field, financial body, relationships, any life, any time/space and to all levels of your Soul/former lives.

You are ready to free yourself to be heart guided, trust your connection and clearly communicate to your inner and higher guidance. Awaken living and creating, prospering and living as your Soul intended from your inner vision and infinite self (which is the connection to the infinite field and creating from the field, not from hard work and fear).

**WHAT IS THE Ascended/Higher Heart Chakra: this heart center is a very sacred place few have opened in lifetimes. It is the soul’s creation chamber and in this package we will journey here to see what is there, is it open or ready to be opened and what does it show you about your future, your truth and there is always a powerful message or gift. 

We will do 4 hours of powerful Chakra healing and upleveling Soul sessions + a Chakra Scan ( 25 min, $105 recorded) and a Chakra Alignment Healing (50 min, $211, recorded) for a total of 5 hours + 15 minutes of sessions.

You can contact me in between sessions to keep your process supported. You will have the recordings to repeat, as often processes, healings and healings come through specifically for you. This is a deep transformative process and you have support, love, and guidance as you go deep into ancient blocks and soul contracts.

Your purpose is ready to be embraced. It is a journey into another world, you have not lived in before. Prepare for your upleveling with getting your body/lightbody in shape to blossom into the new you.

You cannot receive and enjoy your wealth (of money, love, spiritual connection…) if these energy centers are shut down, locked up, and clogged.

This journey will reconnect your body and heart to your higher purpose, soul blueprint, field of abundance, Akashic records and powers and soul talents. You will communicate and see more Clearly, trust and be able to connect to higher levels of consciousness, prosperous flows and your true destiny at a level of freedom. Vision, divine guidance, full self expressions, growing all forms of abundance and riches from your true path with LESS EFFORT.

Becoming YOU is a process of letting go and allowing these centers to move, communicate, attract and create as they were designed. Freedom and flow, fulfilling daily life and manifesting bigger than ever before.

Do Both Sacred Package A & B for a full private realignment of your personal chakra centers. Both packages A and B stand on their own, so do what you resonate with. Contact us if you wish to buy both and we will give you an additional 10% off!

HEART CHAKRAS: There are 2 heart centers – package A includes root/sacral/solar plexus/heart and this package B includes the higher heart that is your Soul heart. The HEART Center is the AXIS of your being. The integration point for the above (Mind/Spirit) and below (physical/form) and all the past and all your potential.

If you are ready for creating your life without the past and fear, by being forward focused that set sail with this experience into your infinite potential.

Free yourself to live your own path, own and enjoy your inner power and embody your ability to hear and accept your own inner authority.

4 – 1 hour Sacred Chakra Healing Sessions PACKAGE B INCLUDES: Ascended/Higher Heart Chakra, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Centers.
+ 1 Chakra Alignment Cleanse & Healing Session 50 min ($211)
+ BONUSES 1 Chakra Scan & Reading ($105) .+ Access Your Abundance Audio ($15) or other meditation if you already have it.

Includes all audio recordings and instant access to the Bonus audio meditation.


Access Your Abundance Audio: Guided Audio Meditation with Akasha remix healing music
Take an inner journey to Access the field of Abundance from your secret inner passageway! The field of infinite possibility and potential has a secret portal just for you to access it! Your soul designed it before you were born! You get to meet your gatekeepers and Soul Blueprint guide and enter the field of abundance to create, release and remember with your higher self! Connect with your higher self and raise your consciousness to enter your 9th Chakra “Stellar Gateway” where you can connect to your Soul Blueprint and the Infinite field.

Chakra Scan & Reading

This Scan is surprisingly deep and every session is different. I have had powerful information come through in these sessions about your purpose, your next steps, and your blocks or completions. Recently I saw bandaged knees that we’re unable to bend, and an organized, yet limited chakra system in one client. In another, we saw the sacral overflowing with a flow of energies that are cleansing and bringing a lot of abundance. The color, shape, and layers all reveal many things that are important for your purpose at this time and give you a recording you can repeat and guidance on what to do next

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