Sacred Chakra Abundance Package A


(Payment plan below) A powerful journey with Akasha deep into your powerful energy centers (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart) to release the pain, shame, and fear and reclaim your own power and inner authority.

We will do 5 hours of powerful Chakra healing and upleveling sessions. You can contact me in between sessions This is a deep transformative process and you have support, love, and guidance as you go deep into ancient blocks and soul contracts.

Your abundance requires you to be here now and feel safe in your body. You cannot receive and enjoy your wealth (of money, love, spiritual connection…) if these energy centers are shut down, locked up, and clogged.

Many people do not feel safe in their bodies and therefore create energy blocks and disease and lack of abundance.  Many do not fully embody their physical body and feel safe receiving and having all they desire (root chakra). Some carry shame and deep past pains (sacral) and most everyone denies their true power and purpose (solar and heart).

This journey will amplify your powers to manifest and enjoy and keep and grow all forms of abundance and riches.

Free yourself to live your own path, own and enjoy your inner power and embody your ability to hear and accept your own inner authority.


5 – 1 hour Sacred Chakra Healing Sessions for the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra centers
1 Soul Reading 1 hour

BONUSES 1 Mini Reading ($66) .+ Violet Flame Cleanse Audio ($22) or other meditation of your choice

1 Soul Reading + 4 Chakra Healing Journeys + Recordings + Access to Nan for the full 5 weeks.

Includes all audio recordings and instant access to the Bonus audios.

PAYMENT PLAN 2 x $499 (one month apart) >click here<

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