Mayan Equinox Temple Retreat 2022


Experience an Ancient Maya Solar
Initiation & Chakra Upgrade on the Equinox!

It is time to AWAKEN the SEAT OF YOUR SOUL and Live from Infinite Source Abundance!

This Special Spring 2022 Equinox we will spend 5 days ACTIVATING YOUR CHAKRAS & OPENING YOUR PINEAL GLAND – your 3rd EYE and Re-Aligning your 7 Personal Chakras to the New Frequencies of 2022, Unity and Golden Spiritual Sunlight! Our healing temple will be our beach house on the Flamingo Coast of the Yucatan, on the cusp of the ancient meteor crater in Chicxulub. Surrounded by emerald waters, pink salt flats, birds, and palm trees, you will soak, hug, and be infused with love, peace, and harmony in our daily healing sessions designed to go deep into your essence and release the old and reveal your seeds of light within.

Wash away your past and prepare for the golden new reality in this Sacred Healing Space with a Heart opening Cacao Ceremony, A Mayan Aztec Shaman Ancestral Healing, Water Purification in the Ocean, Pool and at a Cenote (“Sacred Well” underground pure water caves), Sound Healings, delicious food, LightBody Yoga for the 3rd Eye and 5 Guided Shamanic Chakra Activation Journeys!

We will be supported and surrounded by nature and flamingos, Pink Salt crystals, and commune with the sea, sun, and moon as we Align to the new Golden Age Energies of Optimal health, wealth, and spiritual well being!

We will also enjoy the colonial elegance and beauty of Merida, the safest city in all of USA, central and south America!

Dates To be Notified of New Adventures, Retreats, Ceremonies, and Open Houses Contact [email protected]

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