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Included: 3 Past life journeys (45-60 minutes) (audio and video for repeating) + 3 Past Lives Secrets Classes (30 minutes) to help you become empowered, freed and allied with your Soul Power!

+ 3 Past Lives Secrets Classes: Each time you get 30 minutes of in depth insights and understanding of what past lives are and what is the purpose, power and possibilities when you connect with and free them.

+ 3 Past life journeys to free you from the past, pain, and poverty. live your passion, purpose, and joy now! Your past lives hold the keys to your purpose, power, prosperity and talents. They can turn from being a block to an ally! You will be amazed what happens – sometimes your past life helps you, wants to work with you, or you help each other transform an old grief or pain.

Go with me on 3 “Past”/other Soul life journeys and discover who you were and what you decided that created the lack and limits in this life. Uncover what happened to you to create fear of betrayal, loss or never being out having enough. From money challenges to fear of being worthy you have parts of you that are ready to meet, and free both of you to move into more joyful lives.

Whatever pattern has made you not believe in yourself started in other lives and it’s time to free you and them!

All our many “other/past” lives exist in our soul and therefore can affect us. We choose to bring a fear or desire with us that has been powerfully embedded by at least 1 or more other life experiences. These hold deep emotional vows and wounds that turned into decidions like “It’s not safe to have money, be happy or speak up…”. Everyone has different stories and reasons, but the patterns are similar and we are all freeing ourselves right now to go to new higher states of consciousness and prosperity. have been the cure cause of lack of self-esteem, love, or money.

Most Past lives that are affecting your life now decided something to keep you small or quiet or poor… because it’s “safe”. They are not against you, the fear is embedded into a decision which becomes an energy block in the mind, emotions or cells.

These recorded journeys are yours to keep and repeat. They are designed as guided journeys to take you to many past lives and keep freeing yourself and moving more into your abundance and joy. You will find your soul contracts and agreements that made it hard to speak up, receive and be yourself.  Energies that are just like shackles, gags, or prisons are deeply embedded and repeat until we find, accept and transmute them.

You receive the recordings and supporting manual and graphics.

We will do it live once: 3 – 2 hour calls (if you cannot attend live it is fine, you will receive all the recordings).

December 2021 Thursdays 2, 9, 16  2-4pm Central

Each sessions: 2 Hours: 1 – 30 Minute Past Lives Secrets Class + 1 Past Life Journey (45- 60 minutes) + 30 minutes Q & A & Sharing

Prepare for the solstice and new year. You will complete, reclaim and find your own doors to freedom and prosperity.

Then you will get to live the life your soul intended in the new year!

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