Mercury Retrograde: Reflect


Memorize learn how to download this statement and it will begin to align you with being fully present surrounded in love and connected to your infinite potential. This statement is designed carefully for you to align with acceptance, clear guidance, support and joy. if you use this daily or several times a day you will find a massive difference in your life and what you see and what you create. It’s time for you to recognize your infinite potential and live from it.


I channel Mercury and the core message is “Reflect”! It was really amazing and you can get the transcription here.

Remember Mercury is a planet, AND an energy, a god, and a presence and wants to reflect with you! That energy is a MESSENGER. Right now it’s time to spend time with this messenger reviewing and reorganizing the past so you can release it. Gain some new tools, insights and receive this beautiful message from Mercury!

We also discussed reframing, acceptance, and other tools to deal with Mercury retrograde, it’s the perfect time to spend reflecting and releasing. Mercury is about communication within and with others, with your past and your doubts. Double and triple-check your clarity in communication because wacky stuff is happening.

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